Saturday, February 4, 2017

Would you rather?

This week has been 10x better than last week....we are trying some new routines and I think they are paying off. I could and I will write a whole post about why I think fitness is the best answer to poor choices and/or learning disabilities but...Goober has gone with me 4 out of 5 morning this week to work out and we are seeing a much more positive kiddo at home and at school. His teachers are telling me that he is trying and seems to be more confident. His grades are slowly coming up and he is even showing them to us instead of hiding them....Adam is working on this end with giving him a shot of coffee every morning...hey if it helps us focus then why wouldn't it help him? We also are being thorough about covering all of his HW and making him redo everything until he does it the right way with 100% effort....not accuracy but effort.

So with that said the kids and I enjoyed some time at the pool this week as well. We swam with friends on Sunday afternoon and today right after school. Its so great knowing that anytime we go there my kiddos will have playmates. They love the slides, the shallower end to practice swimming and handstands and playing tag. They are so easily excited and couldn't believe the huge fancy lockers rooms, or hot sauna room or the fact that there are 3 big rocks walls to play on. They even enjoyed going to the kids club on Tuesday night as I went with my girlfriends to a lifting class. They didn't want to leave and I had to pull Goober off the basketball court, Ribbit out of the climbing area and Little Man off the dodgeball court. THEY SLEPT SO HARD THAT NIGHT!!!

Tonight we are on our own as Adam is annoucing his last basketball game of the season. We made us some veggies with bacon for dinner and are now cuddled into the couch with our blankies, watching Tarzan and Jane. We HAVE A LONG FULL DAY tomorroow and I want to enjoy this night of being able to rest!!!

At dinner I played the Would you rather game with the kiddos and tried to make it hard for them to choose between two things...its funny how before they answered every question for themselves they would say "I bet mommy would choose this" or " I know what Daddy would choose!"...hehe, they know us so well!

1. Would you rather feel like you are always tired or always feel like you slept WAY too much?
Goober-Way too much
Ribbit-always be tired ( I agree, I get a headache if I sleep to much!)
Little Man-Way too much

2. Would you rather eat ONLY sweet foods for the rest of your life or ONLY savory foods for the rest of your life?
Goober-Savory for POPCORN
Ribbit-Sweet-ice cream
Little Man-Savory because brother said it (my theory at least since he actually yelled FAVORY while he fist pumped!)

3. Would you rather run without shorts or without shoes?
Goober-shorts because you would still have on underwear
Ribbit-Shoes (because she knows mommy or daddy would carry that sweet thang)
Little Man-shorts (at this point I made Little Man answer before Goober so we could see some honesty and not copying :))

4. Would you rather only eat soggy cereal or crunchy cereal?
Goober-crunchy for sure and I know mom would choose crunchy too because she doesn't even drink milk
Little Man-crunchy, I let it get soggy and YUCK
**We all knew that Daddy would choose soggy too but agree he is WEIRD

5. Would you rather be an Olympian for the marathon or for shorter distances at the track?
Goober-shorter distance
Ribbit-marathon, right mommy? (as she looks at me with a big grin and is totally hoping I will choose her as my favorite kid from now on :))
Little Man-uh, what is O-lym-pen?

6. Would you rather eat a whole jar of almond butter or a whole jar of Nutella?
Goober-almond butter for sure, but even better would be sunflower butter
Ribbit-almond butter because its healthy, right mommy? (her kissing up is sweet)
Little Man-grabs his foreheand and says "its so hard" as dramatic as he can..."almond butter is his final answer after a long hard minute of thinking it through

7. Would you rather run outside when it is really cold or really hot?”
Goober-Cold, I sweat too much
Little Man-Hot
Of course I choose hot...its 56 outside and I am inside in sweat pants, 2 layers of sweat shirts, fuzzy socks and a blanket!!!!

8.Would you rather be able to fly or breathe under water?
This one took some time to flush out all the pros and cons...lots of debating over who was right too!
Goober-Fly because fish have more predators
Little Man-fly

9. Would you rather eat cupcakes with sprinkles or donuts with sprinkles for the rest of your life?
I knew this one would STUMP THEM.
Goober-Donuts because of the texture (totally my kid)
Ribbit-cupcakes because they are bigger :)
Little Man-Donuts maybe?

10. Would you rather be able to become invisible or shoot fire out of your hands?
Goober-Shoot fire...but maybe both? But I want to defend myself
Ribbit-Invisible but you could still see my outline...hehe
Little Man-Shoot fire rockets and smash people!!!

Now to brag on my other students. These aren' t all of my kiddos who entered work into the Truth, Goodness and Beauty Art competition but ones I could grab pictures of...I am one proud art teacher!

This is her 3rd about GRIT! She won 2nd place in the Ceramics category!

I couldn't love this girl any more than I do now...she is super talented and has no clue!

My naturally gifted sculptor..Rhino book ends..She won 1st place in Sculpture!

A sweet girl I have loved since 7th grade. We LAUGH about all of our memories together. She is incredibly talented and a hard worker. She took home 1st place in Ceramics for her two pieces!

Family friend and combo ever. Love this sweet girl like a daughter. Look at the glaze work up close and you will see why she got 3rd place...that and her perfectly braided handle that you can't see.

This girl has done a 180 since 7th grade...once shy and always she is HAPPY, so funny and a friend to all. She is a true joy!

My only 9th grade girl who had art entered. Check out that spider made out of bolts and wire!

HIs collection of insects made with computer parts won him a 2nd place medal! All the little kids loved it. I have taught this young man and both of his brothers...sweet boys!

My 3rd Fitzgerald to teach and just as talented as his brother and sister. His steampunk insect won him a 3rd place metal!

I have known this kiddo for a long time as his little brothers played on Goober's 1st grade football team. I also teach one of his brothers private drawing lessons. This awesome Picasoo inspired self portrait got him a 1st place medal!!!!!

My sweet 7th grader who did a FANTASTIC job on this 2 point perspective drawing of a stadium, then watercolored it, then picked out all of the interior and exterior samples to present to an architect. Love this whole family as we go to church with them!

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