Saturday, March 4, 2017

Praise the Lord Saturday

We have lots of reasons to rejoice this weekend, and even if we didn't lots of reasons to be thankful that we serve a good GOD.

First, long story short, my aunt who has been missing for several years...maybe 7-8 has been FOUND. The best part is that she is a BELIEVER, she loves the Lord. That is a true 180 turn from where she was before we all lost her and I am so thankful that not only has she been found but she HAS FOUND GOD. I can't wait for the sweet reunion we will have with her soon..I can't wait to hug her neck, she was always so loving and kind to me and Chris. I will never forget how compassionate she was time she took me to the beach and I wore a necklace I had just was blue and had a bell (thats all I remember). Well of course, sometime during the day I lost that necklace and didn't realize it until we got back to her house. The next day she drove me home and I swear we stopped at 10 stores on the way home...I never noticed what she was doing because I would always stay in the car with her friend Jenni. Finally at the last store she came out with a bag and inside was a necklace. She apologized and said it was the closest thing she could find to the one I had lost. She truly had spent all day looking for a replacement necklace for me.

Another praise is that Baby Levi and Aunt Micah are feeling better. Micah texted us this morning while we were all in the car heading to Fort Worth to feed the homeless breakfast. The van read the text out loud that they were sick, throwing up and they were thinking of taking Levi to the ER. Little Man immediately said "we should pray right now for them" and Goober led us in that prayer. A few hours later we texted to check on them and Levi had kept down 3 oz and they think he is on the mend!! I love it when my children can psychically see God answer their petitions.

Another praise is just how blessed we are by people in our community. Yesterday the mom of one of my sweet 7th graders gave us tickets to see The Illusionist at the Music Hall at Fair Park. We of course jumped on that offer and off we went with the older 2 kiddos. Little Man already had a birthday party to attend and we were set for the night. We had such a great time and Goober has been practicing his card tricks all morning long with Ribbit as his lovely assistant.

We are counting down the days to see family again. My mom flies in next Friday and then Saturday we all leave to go see Uncle Chris, Aunt Micah and Baby Levi for 3 days!!!!!!

Little Man and his friends got a hold of my camera before school one morning :).

We went to Great Wolf Lodge for Little Man's birthday. His sweet sister made and gave him several presents including one of her favorite frog stuffed you see why her name is Ribbit now?

Opening more handmade gifts.

We normally have a big party for both K and Little Man as their birthdays are 4 days apart. This year they both wanted a trip Great Wolf Lodge so both families booked rooms. That night at 9 we celebrated with cake...Parents of the Year Award right here!

Singing with their siblings!

And because it was 9 o clock, and we were in a hotel we handed all 5 kids a fork and said EAT CAKE!!!

And they demolished that sucker!!! HAA HAA HAAA HAAHA

We love doing life with the Eberts...we cross paths at church, school and Leianne and I run together. 

Family photo at Story Time...the kids couldn't wait for this...they remembered it being fun from our last visit there. 

The next morning was DADDYS BIRTHDAY!!! We celebrated with Birthday about a CARB filled weekend :)...I am thinking it was all used up at the Indoor Water Park though!!!

Morning Yoga at Great Wolf Lodge...she is such a little Yogi!

Cobra pose..complete with her pjs and  wolf ears!

We have THE BEST daddy! He knows being wet and cold is sooo not my thing. Therefore I do the wave pools with the kids so that I can get completely submerged and he tackles the lazy river and slides which drives me bonkers.

Big Man made friends from the minute we go there and spent almost the whole time the water park was open on both days playing for us!

Birthday boy got to meet Wiley right as we were leaving.

When we got home there was a lot of MAIL for him to open...including one of our favorite things to get...a handmade card from Aunt Robin with his baby picture on it! Check out the ninja turtle mask he won at the Great Wolf Lodge arcade!

More awesome gifts from the Winsteads..our other church /life besties!!!

Celebrating these sweet friends turning 5 and 6!

They made bank at the arcade!

Mr. John and Big Man playing air hockey.

Mid celebration for Goober in the arcade!

I hope these two stay friends forever...they are the complete opposite in every way but LOVE each other dearly!

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