Thursday, April 27, 2017


Adam, of course, figured out the computer charger cord was me :).

So here are pictures of our Easter and Mother/Son camp....
He loved his frog Easter card from CC and Papa.

Glow in the Dark birthday party with some of Ribbit's sweet friends.

Silly Rabbit, Easter is for Jesus.

We love having a Steel City Pops so close to us now!!!...however, we had to split up because Ribbit and Goober wanted Menchies!

Easter lunch with our Tx Family!

The big kids table.

Easter Egg Hunt!

Everyone wanted to play Bean Boozled!!

Things got dramatic pretty quick ---barf flavored jelly beans will do that to ya.

I love how close are kiddos are to other moms and takes a village!

Little Man was making sure Brayden swallowed his stinky sock flavored jellybean!
I love this picture of my parents for two reasons...1-I never thought I would see a selfie of the two of them and 2-They are both smiling and happy with my childhood home in the background!

They even found eggs in the chicken coop!!!

The big boys were our bunnies and hid over 100 plastic eggs.

Dying eggs with shaving cream and food coloring...pinterest WIN!

Love her sweet little face!

Washing off the shaving cream to reveal swirls and swirls of color!

Hehe, I love how my friend captured my face while eating a dead fish flavored jelly bean....I was trying to pick it out of my teeth! 

He has mad hair do skills!

Of course he took the top bunk!! This is the face I make when I have been awake for over 19 hours!

Getting ready for Pitch Black Attack...where is Goober?

These people, they are mine...they are my village, my tribe...they get me..I love them tremendously!

We enjoy the snot out of one another!

Our craft project....hehe, I listed this as my favorite part of the day and Goober listed it as his worst :).

See that little boy at the tippy top of the tree house? He smiled and then threw 3 frisbees at me while I darted around!

Ready for the Gauntlet--aka the High Ropes Course!!!

He was riding Woody, I rode Dudley! Yes I was THAT COLD!!!

The beginning of our trail ride was beautiful!

He was a pro!

Game 3 of 50000....I think we grunted and yelled and laughed loud enough for all to hear....Harvells take tetherball seriously!

Thunderfist 10!!!!!

We came with a group of 14-7 moms and 7 boys...see all of our cute sons??

Here is all the cute moms in the same place as their sons.

We ate every meal as mother/sons but for the last meal we let them have their own table and the moms took over the table next to them...of course there was some intervening along the way ;)

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