Friday, May 5, 2017

Artsy Fartsy 2017

I wanted to show off some of my talented students work and of course some fantastic artwork from my own kiddos as well. Gallery Night was a huge success this year and we recieved several compliments from teachers who brought their classes to it as an in-house field trip!

Beautiful vessels from a Rookie artist....look at her coffee cup with braided handle on the bottom right!

My sweet Kathleen has been focused on wolves for the past 2 years...this girl is like one of my own!

Lexi's take on the Right Brain/Left Brain project. A thrown bowl with dripped paint.

Levi's turtle and Japense Lantern...BEAUTIFUL PIECES

Gretel's raku piece, Japenese lantern and her take on the Right Brain/Left Brain project...melted marbles on the inside!

Emma threw double the amount of everyone else this year..she won my Spirit of the Arts award..see her beautiful lantern in the upper right??

Mally's take on the Right Brain/ Left Brain project.

Mally's rhino book ends...they are fantastic!

Mally's panda head and Japense lantern!
Graham's award winning Picasso inspired self portrait!

Brennan's critter bowl

Squirtle has recieved many awards can't see all the detail in his shell from the picture.

Natalie's gesture drawing 

Bailey, Natalie's older sister had a beautiful totem pole and paintings!

Emilys hot air balloon lantern, exoskeleton of a peacock and brain project won her a rookie, pssshh.

Audey is another one of my girls, this sweet thing isn't scared to try anything and makes huge pieces!

Apparently I needed training on how to take the perfect selfie!

Elissa won my Teachers Choice award for her hard work, great attitude and effort in everything she does!

Another teacher's choice award for Jenna's 3D Gesture drawing of  2 girls listening to headphones.

Amy's totem pole and paintings were loved by all!

Jack's 2 point perspective apartment building was a hit!

Kayson's sand self portrait.

Alaina is a senior and won a ribbon in every competition she entered this year!

Maddie also got one of my teacher choice  awards...check out her japenese lantern in the shape of a take out box! I also love her weinie dog exoskelton!

Emma is another go -getter....making double what everyone else makes....she got 2 first place ribbons for both Sculptural Ceramics and 3D Class.

Gretel won the Rhetoric Overall MEDAL!!! Look at the textures in her pieces...she is dynamite on the pottery wheel!

Yes Hannah's lamb actually lights up. Its the sweetest lantern!

This guy is the sweetest. He is so great to have in class and the work ethic of a  much older, mature, guy. I can't wait to see how God uses him!

Connor had some great pieces this year..lots of color!

Jenny, my foreign exchange student approached every project with a very different view and it was always beautifully done!

Gianna's take on the right brain/ left brain project.

Up close of Emily's right brain/ left brain project.

Check out this sweet little artist's work..she is so stinkin proud of thsoe polar bears!

The did self portaits while sweet!

I have great students. While I was running the high school show, 2 of my students took my two younger kids down to their show and snapped pictures. Adam had a baseball commitment that same night.

My little man loves painting flowers!


Little Man's still life!

Goober had swim team the same night...imagine!!! ALL 5 Harvells had somewhere differnt to be ;). We snapped pictures the next day of his beautiful pottery!

AND>>...his painting was chosen out of all 6th grade to be featured in the front display of our main office. THAT MADE THIS ARTSY FARTSY MOMMA HAPPY!

I Love that my job is showing kids how to create and how to honor God in their creation!! 

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