Friday, May 19, 2017

First official day of Summer break

Oh glorious day...and I do mean glorious!!!

I didn't set an alarm clock....swam 40 laps in record time, sat in the sauna a little bit longer than normal and still made it home for breakfast.
We read a chapter of the bible, sang Awesome God 2-3 times and sent Adam to work.

Then we cleaned out all of our uniforms that no longer work, did dishes, went to the grocery store, read for 1 hour and 15 minutes at the library, cleaned out Big Man's toy box and threw away tons of JUNK ;), made lunch and I FINISHED OUR GRAND CANYON ROAD TRIP.

I have easily spent 15 hours planning this AWESOME trip for us this summer. We have 60 stops over 14ish days of traveling. The kids don't have a clue that its an Amazing Race but I am sooo stoked. Each day will be filled with surprises. I have booked us lots of fun and educational things to do and I have read tripadvisors for all of the hints of how to do this trip WELL with kiddos.

So far we will be camping in a tent, staying in retro hotels, a wigwam, a tipi, a cabin and the famous Econo Lodge ;).

We have horseback riding tours, a jeep tour, the Texas musical, rattlesnake museums, natural springs, sliding rocks, hiking, buffalo wing soda taste testing, tons of statues and about 5000 neat landscapes and cultures to explore along the way. I AM SO READY TO GO!!! I can't wait for the kids to get their first clue, rip it open and navigate us there.

The school year ended yesterday with the best field day ever. Honestly. The 6th graders and 1st graders were side by side in rotations through the events. This  meant I got to watch Goober and Ribbit compete in almost everything. I got to take pictures of them having a ball and I got to see them win and lose. Little Man had PreK fun day and I got to pick him up early after he told his teacher and his senior bye.

Then we came home with an extra Prek 4 friend and an extrea 6th grade friend and ate lunch. From there we headed to Jumpstreet with SEVERAL other CCA families to spend the rest of the afternoon jumping!! (school was a half day). You better believe when we got home at 3 all of the kiddos took an hour nap! Then it was off to swim team and finally  home to watch a Planet Earth episode, cuddle and go to bed. It was a great day..the kids kept saying that over and over! We have graduation tonight and absolutely nothing on the calendar for Saturday-SCORE!!

I wanted to surprise my 3D class with a FUN last day. So I dressed up like Bob Ross and had everything ready when they walked in to paint one of his paintings. Aren't they AWESOME?

I let them watch Bob Ross as they are finishing up projects throughout the school year. They all said this was soo much fun, my cute red head on the left said this was the best day of her junior year!

I have so many memories of watching this guy with my grandma and I made sure to use all his little sayings "rascals", "happy little trees", "its your world", and I beat the tar out of my paint brushes!

Mothers Day Breakfast in PK4. Oh I love these times..I cried and got lots of snuggles.

Book character day...Meet Mama Junebug Jones. She made every bit of her outfit, including painting on her kitty cat stripes!

Their favorite tree on campus. Before we got to school we prayed for our teachers. Goober said " thank you God for giving me teachers that love you". Ribbit said " God help our teachers not be sad that we are leaving". Little Man said " Help our teachers remember to come see us so they don't forget us!"

More hair creations from Ribbit.

Our new favorite breakfast. Egg Waffles!

Mothers Day photo booth at church!

We tried to all fit in!

My one request was to see The Little Mermaid in Fort Worth....

because my 8th grader was one of the mer-sisters, a fish, a chef and in almost every act!!! So proud of her!

Super Fun cast!!

Of course we ate at Yucatan Taco Stand...its our go to place when we are in Fort Worth. We then walked away downtown some and introduced the kids to Sweet Sammies...cookies with ice cream in between..perfect for a hot day!

Adam and his bud/mentor/stand in grandpa for our kiddos....playing with the props for teacher appreciation!

First day on top, last day on bottom....6th, 1st and PreK 4!

She LOVES doing my hair and LOVE that she wants to!

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