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Friday, May 12, 2017

Last Friday of School Year

This is our last Friday of school, praise the Lord.
On the way to school we prayed for our teachers. Goober said "thank you for teachers that love God", Ribbit said " help our teachers not to be sad when we leave them this summer", Little Man said " help our teachers remember to come visit us this summer so they won't forget us". 

We now just have four days, two of those are 1/2 days and consist of fun things like Field Day, PJ Day and Award Day. The two younger kids have storybook character day and Little Man dressed as the Hungry Caterpillar which fits him perfectly. Ribbit made her own costume because she wanted to be Mama JuneBug Jones out of the Skippy John Jones book series. She painted her clothes, made ears and found a little blue apron that was just perfect. 

I got to be apart of my 3rd Mothers Day Breakfast yesterday with Little Man. He pulled out my seat, made my plate and snuggled me the whole time. He gave me a necklace he had made and several pieces of artwork. Then they sang "You are my Sunshine" to us and gave us Mommy awards. I cried, of course I did...who wouldn't?

Goober and Adam went to Sky Ranch last week for 3 days and had a great time. I got a lot of pictures and videos from other parents of Adam dancing and leading the teachers in a lip sync battle...Goober got on stage towards the end but it was clear that my husband was enjoying himself :). 

Goober is really enjoying swim team. So much so that he is now wearing a Jammer..a long speedo and sporting a hair cap. He says he can feel the difference and he is a fast little fish!

Adam and I are still working hard on our road trip this summer...mapping everything out and planning all the details that will make it seem like An Amazing Race show. Detours, Pit Stops and Road Blocks....its going to be sooo fun. 

Train Day was hit!

Big Smiles with his teacher

Ribbit has started doing my hair at night and then taking pictures to show me!

She loves to braid!

Ready to go swimming!

This was soo good. Ham bone soup with kale from our garden!

We got to see Uncle Chris and Levi one afternoon...he is growing soo fast!

We facetimed with CC and Papa some....I think I may have held him the whole hour and a half!!!

Uncle Chris is so good at playing with the kiddos...look at that pitch!

Running bases around the remodel piles!

Ribbit drew this about her teacher....she adores her!

Another fun pool party with my 8th grade girls to finish off the school year!

Me and my girl went to volunteer for the Tennis portion of the Special Olympics....we had a blast.

A great dinner of onions from the kids garden, sweet potatoes and a fried egg on top! Add on some horseradish and mustard..YUM

He was in this position in the play room for about 2 hours. Love his zeal for reading!

His last violin performance of the year.

Such a stud...check out his awesome tie!

This Little Man has been earning Daniel's left and right!

First Grade performance of Peter Rabbit....look at these two Bunny Wunnies..they had the sweetest dancing part!

Everyone did great!   
Sweet little girls!

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