Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ribbit is teething

Yesterday we went to church with Lolly and Captain, both kids did well in their sunday school classes. Goober told his class that it was his birthday----I think he thinks we are celebrating the whole month of June! Then Goob went on a hike with Jason and Erika, which he was really excited about because Uncle Jason made him a hiking stick and Captain carved his name and the date into it.
Last night we went to a pool party where the kids got to swim, Goob made a friend and they slid down the slide into the pool several times. Here are some funny Goober-isms as of lately.
Last night in the pool he told his little friend " You won't drown as long as you swim" :)
On the way to  Huntsville he pooted in the car and I said " Goob, your poot smells like a dead cat", he answered " no it doesn't, I didn't even eat a dead cat :)"
As for the title of this post, Ribbit is in a mood and its due to teething. I should have known it by the fact that she slept until 9 tonight after being up almost all night. We put her in bed with us at 8 ( we had no clue as to what time it was) and she curled up to me, gave me three old lady pats on my back and went right to sleep. She has almost every symptom of teething and is in and out of bad moods and extreme crying. This has also resulted in a severe case of only wanting mommy!!
We all got our teethed cleaned this morning too, guess what I get to do tomorrow morning??? get a cavity filled...great!! So much for setting a good example!!!
Pictures to come soon!!!

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