Sunday, June 26, 2011

We have our Dad!!

First things first, we are a complete family of four again. We picked up Adam in Birmingham this morning and all is well :). Goober ran to him and jumped in his arms. Ribbit waved from the time we spotted him until we were all pressed together in a hug. During the hug I looked at her and she was looking up at Adam and smiling so big. Goober immediately told Dad all about his skateboard!!! We got his luggage, loaded up and went to Chilis for Adam's Fathers Day celebration. Good handed him all of his gifts one at a time and was excited to do so. Tonight we are in Huntsville at Captain and Lolly's, all super tired!!

We also got to spend a day in Auburn en route to pick up Dad. That will probably be the highlight of my summer--besides kissing my husband this morning :). We drove up and I just started flooding Goob and Ribbit with memories that I had. Goober finally said " i know mom, I have to pee". The normal 2 hour and 45 minute drive took us almost 4 hours....we did have two pit stops, one lunch stop and a seperate dirty diaper stop. We went to see Sydney and Hope Nichols first at their store. Sydney's husband was my youth pastor and my mom and Sydney are good friends. I was so happy for them to meet my two sweet kiddos even though I had to chase them around the store the whole time to make sure they didn't open up a tab there. From there we made another pit stop..of course. Then we headed to see my adopted family from when I was a college student. The Hills were so incredibly sweet to me during my 5 years in Auburn ( 4 in school, one just sticking around). We were able to let Goob swim while we were there while Ribbit and I sat in the shade and chatted with the Hills. It reminded me how much my time at Auburn was blessed and how I wouldn't trade those years for anything. Next we met Virg to get pictures at Samford and in front of the AU sign....that turned out to be during the hottest part of day and we were all super sweaty and tired....but we got some good ones!!! Next, we headed to some of the sporting goods stores around Auburn to get us some gear, and GEAR WE GOT. Goober got an AU helmet, jersey, shoulder pads and pants...that he will open on his birthday next Wednesday. Finally, we headed over to Dick and Jana Bagwells former college minister and his wife, who became two of our most favorite people while living there and now!!!!  We ate pizza and visited with them until a storm came and reminded us to GO HOME!! We headed over to Virg's, got baths and went straight to bed so we wouldn't be late getting our dad the next day!!!
I never thought that I would be riding around in my mom car through Auburn campus with my two beautiful kiddos. Ill post AU pictures soon!!!!
Thanks to everyone who prayed Adam home to us!!!

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