Thursday, June 30, 2011

Eli's 2nd 7 year old Birthday Party

I haven't been blogging as much lately because a) we are at the Harvells and they dont have wireless (its a good thing, I am on the computer too much) and b) because Adam is home and I haven't been staying up too late. However, the kids are having fun here, new place and new people to explore.
Bre ran a high fever all day Monday and Tuesday. She was fussy, had diarrhea, wouldn't eat (which is unlike her) and was just overall pitiful. We at first contributed it to teething, but later on Tuesday we got worried and took her into the Pediatric ER. It was the only place in Huntsville, that we knew of, that would take the kids medicaid. They poked and prodded her and then announced that they would have to catheterize her and my heart sank. They said it wouldn't hurt her but in her already sick state I knew it would be painful. Adam and I both laid on top of her while she screamed and cried. Her little face got sooo red and she was sweating bullets. I was crying too, I knew I would, I can't even watch her get a shot. The minute it was done though, she grabbed me, said " hands" as she pointed to the sink and we washed them, making her feel lots better. The doctor said it was a viral infection, something we couldn't do anything about, that it would run its course. We have been giving her children's advil and as of today, she seems completely better!

Eli's real birthday was yesterday and he had a second party. We went to Southern Adventures with about 15 people and let 8 of the 10 kids putt putt. Adam's friend Al came and brought his three kids, one of which is close to Eli's age and a very outgoing little boy. They instantly started playing together and before I knew it , it was 18 holes and one hour later. I have never ever played putt putt that fast. It normally lingers and thats the part I hate. The poor group in front of us didn't know what they signed up for. They normally had to dodge kids and babies while swinging....oh well. Then we all came back to the Harvells for cupcakes, homemade ice cream, hot dogs, chips, pinata fun and slip and slide action. Eli loved getting to meet his new cousins and hanging out with kids his age. There was only one collision on the slip and slide and that involved Eli's forehead and Will's knee. Will, his 3rd cousin, kept calling him "our boy" and told everyone that he couldnt  be there cousin anymore because he had a new one :). Will also told me that I could take 26 times to hit the putt putt ball because thats my age :).

Eli got lots of fun toys and sports gear, good thing we brought the car top carrier, and Bre also got some sweet sweet things. For some reason, their bio mom was on my mind constantly yesterday. She must be thinking of him on that special day, right? I wonder if she is hurting for him or wishing she could throw him a party? I know she "terminated her rights" but she was still a mother at some point and I don't think you can turn those feelings for your children off and on so easily. I also wondered if he missed her yesterday, I probably would miss my bio-mom on such a big day. Then again, he was pretty pre-occupied yesterday.

I'll upload pictures and videos soon--maybe tonight but more than likely when we get to Texas next week.

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