Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Spoiled Rotten

Yesterday, Goob and my dad went out to ride the motorcycle to get a drink and Goober came back with a skateboard, knee and elbow pads and a new helmet. Then my dad and he tricked out his skateboard with gray tread that looks like flames.
Last night we went to Ross to get Ribbit some new shoes, her white sandals were so small that her toes were busting through. We walked out with princess shoes for Ribbit, skateboard shoes for Goober and a Mr. and Mrs. Potato head set.
Good thing we don't live close, or my parents would be broke.

Ribbit is soo sweet when we skype with Adam. She shows him all of her boo boos and he kisses the computer to make them better. Everytime I open the laptop she runs to it and waves saying "Hey Daddy". She blows him kisses and sings her ABC's to him. Goob has a little more difficulty sitting still talking to dad, especially because its usually so early in the morning. Three and a half more days until we pick up our dad at the airport...YAY

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  1. This made me cry! I love the thought of them skyping! So precious! I love them already! Can't wait to meet them! oh and I love you guys too! And can't wait to see you too!