Sunday, January 1, 2012

You might be a redneck if.... rock your 7 year old to sleep in a deer stand. hear a shot from an adjoining field so you hand your 7 year old off to your uncle who is in the same deer stand with you. fire at the biggest of the two deer you see, high five your uncle and 7 year old and take off to track deer blood spend the next 30 minutes looking through the woods with tractors and flashlights with all of your male cousins, uncle, grandad, brother and 7 year old don't worry when you realize that you didn't kill the deer for two reasons 1)its super fun to shoot a 12 gauge shotgun and 2)your uncle already shot two this week and is sending you home with lots of deer :)

Yep, we did it, Adam and I went hunting together again. Goob sat in the blind with me and my uncle and at first I was praying for both a deaf and blind deer to walk by. With all the noise that Goob made I knew we were scaring away anything within 5 miles. He said he was hungry, had to pee, was bored, kept asking how much longer. Then he sat in my lap and I rocked him to sleep-which wasn't the smartest move. He kept having those dreams that scare you and he kept kicking the side of the blind. So therefore I had a death grip on his legs and his head (his little head kept rolling forward as he would get deeper into sleep).
That all changed when the deer came out right at dusk, several of my cousins and family were in blinds all over my papas land and within 5 minutes there were several shots. Adam never got a shot, he saw lots of deer though, and he plans on "blowing ones head off next time".

After that my family, my uncles family, my aunts family and my grandparents all went to my uncles for chili, dessert, campfire, football and fireworks. Goob and Ribbit had lots of fun holding sparklers and Goob set off about 4 packets of bottle rockets. Uncle Chris bought him some very large fireworks and they ran out into Kinzie Lane ( yes my grandparents road is named after me....I say its because I am the favorite, the rest of the cousins argue its because I was first :)) and would shoot them off together. He had a blast with all those teenage boys and wasn't scared of anything. At one point I looked over at him and he was shuffling close to a can, bent low and holding his hands up ninja style. He had apparently lit a dud and was being " safe" as he reapproached it :).

We all ended up playing spades and hearts until midnight (laughing hysterically, scaring each other with masks, eating ramen noodles at 9)....which for my family is normal and the kids fell asleep in beds and on the couch. Needless to say we all slept in until 8:30 this morning and then took naps this afternoon as well. I treasure this time that my kiddos have to bond with my family up on Kinzie Lane. Its where I spent every summer, where tons of my childhood memories are from and where almost all of my family lives. You can get away with a lot out in the woods and we take full advantage of it. Plus, Goob and Ribbit are being loved on and taught things by some of the best people I know. (So far Goob has learned how to drive a golf-cart, use a chainsaw, skin a deer, hunt, enjoy the river, play hearts-kinda, pick blueberries and how to RV with the best of them from family....something we can't offer in the city :).

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