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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Take that Satan

You may be wondering why I haven't written in a few days.....well because for two reasons, 1--WE HAVE BEEN CELEBRATING and 2--the dull in comparison answer of i'm sick.

God saved another lost soul on Jan the dinner table in the Harvell home. At the end of worship service on Sunday Goober raised his hand when the pastor asked if anyone wanted to accept Christ. I didn't see it but Adam did--prayer peeker!! He talked to Goob about it some right afterwards and then again on Sunday but he was kinda timid and embarrassed about it. Monday night at dinner, after devotions we talked about having our sins washed away and how we are a new creation....Goob says we are a "new alien". He begin to spill about how he had asked Jesus into his heart and that is why he had raised his hand. He also knew that he was a sinner and therefore needed Jesus. We were both super excited but also careful to let him answer and talk...that way he will know that this was his salvation experience and nothing that we pushed on was all him. He prayed with us to receive Christ and we talked about baptism, letting others know what we believe in and how he was now our brother and our son...he thought that last part was super neat.
We have been reminding him over the last couple of days that he is now accountable for his actions and that he needs to act in a way that shows how his heart has been made a new.
What a blessing and a great way to start out 2012....we added 2 new members to our family in 2011 and a new saint was added 11 months later :).
We celebrated with ice cream, no sugar , carb watch plain ice out, we are PARTY ANIMALS!!!!

Please pray for Goob, that he would become strong in scripture and in prayer. That he realize his need for Christ everyday and be willing to repent when he is wrong.

No pictures or videos, like I said I am sick, stayed home from work today...Adam is sick too---dang, it always happens that way!!!

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