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Friday, January 6, 2012

A post from Adam's POOTER

Pooter is what Ribbit calls these contraptions so I will too. (mine is still in rehab)

So things have been crazy wild here in our home this week. Nope, we aren't back in the swing of things and yes, we are dead tired. Luckily, this week is Homecoming at our school so Goob and I are enjoying a little bit of an easier schedule and all dress down days.....thank you Jesus, washing all those school clothes can be put off one more day :).
Adam has been a great little housewife this week, NO REALLY! He took down the tree, sorted out the presents, assembled new toys, did ALL the dirty laundry from our trip, scraped wall paper off the kitchen walls, removed kitchen cabinets, vacuumed and taken kids to the doctor :)...what a swell guy!
Goob has some weird stuff going on with his skin but the doctor thinks that hydracortizone and this other cream they gave us will help...luckily its not something he has to miss school for.

The biggest wrench in our plans is the fact that mom (me) is now on an all DAIRY FREE diet.....good one God, good one. Anyone who knows me, also knows that I can tear up some dairy....MILK, YOGURT, BUTTER, CHEESE and duh duh duh CHOCOLATE!!! So far the diet is doing what I need it to do and I have had three great days filled with meat, beans, rice, veggies, water and slim fast shakes (shocked that these aren't non-dairy and still taste awesome). If I am going to give up the cow, I better dag um loose some weight.
The kids and Adam are also suffering along with me, except I make sure they get plenty of dairy at breakfast and lunch....dinner is dairy free, this ain't no restaurant :).
 They liked the biscuits made with shortening and soymilk, the edamame, the rice and beans, the roast made with flavored vegetable oil.....but tonight things got interesting with the TOFU.....I was trying to accomplish two things with tofu. One, give us a break from all the deer I have been cooking (we brought back a cooler full) and two, see if I could handle it fried, because it apparently taste like cheese when you fry it and then smother it on toast.
Ribbit didn't eat hers, Adam made faces at his, I scarfed my down and in the end found it appetizing and Goober ate 4 pieces and then announced " mom, i finished my squash".....I didn't correct him, if he wants to eat his squash, let him :)

I am glad to be back in my own home, own bed, own routine, our own little family doing our own little things but the one thing I could have given up for a much longer period of time is.......THAT 1st GRADE SPELLING haunts me from Monday to Thursday night with Thursday night being the climax and normally the most heated night between Goober and I. Then on Friday morning we squeeze in as much practice as we can in a 2 block drive/walk. After that I think about it until I see him on Friday afternoon and hear how he thinks he did. I'm convinced that Goober will be the smartest kid in his grade if we ever leave our school (and if we dont :)....I don't think I learned the words that he is learning until like 6th grade...I mean come on, who knows what these words mean, better yet how to spell them at age 7?  For example, here are 4 words from this weeks lists that have caused some tears : swelled, stacked, stung, felt---gee whiz.

Hopefully my computer will be fixed by this weekend and I can upload some videos and pictures from the last 1/2 of our trip to Alabama....goodnight :)

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