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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Busy Beyond Belief

Well another week in the Harvell home....another round of oh so horrible spelling words :), another 3 days with Ribbit in nothing but panties with no accidents :) and another opportunity for Adam and I to overbook ourselves :).
Friday night was a much needed date night for Adam and I. We asked one of my 9th graders (whose mom is a fellow teacher) to babysit. We had gift cards for restaurants and the movies so we took ourselves to Panera and then to see Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close-the 9/11 movie. It was very good- at one point Adam looked at me and said " I don't know how you aren't bawling, I can't keep it together"...its very much of a daddy/son movie. When we got home the student begged us not to pay her....we paid her half of what we were going to oringally (through much convincing) and therefore had a super cheap date night!!!
This morning we got up early (thanks to Ribbit) and went out to get our Co-Op basket of fruits of veggies--which was super full this week with cabbage, lettuce, potatoes, green beans, asparagus, green peppers, onions, grapefruit, oranges, lots of pears and apples and some blueberries.This week I plan on trying out some 'garbanzo bean brownies' -I think that may fix the texture deal from the last batch of brownies I made. This week we ate lots of turkey-turkey/spinach/tomato soup-----turkey/spinach quiche (yes, we ate eggs, they were organic if that helps :) and turkey/pepper/onion/pineapple casserole (which Adam said was "different" but then ate two bowls of.
Then we went to Goober's basketball game--where he did 100% better today. He got some pretty good steals and attempted to make a basket or two ( I have a steal on video but will upload it later). He got called out for traveling and when the ref corrected him, he cried....poor guy, I mean he is 7, of course he is going to travel. We yelled to him from the bench that he was doing a great job and he was fine. From there we came home and scarfed down lunch (literally).
Earlier this week we were committed to a)hosting a baby shower, b)driving a friend to the airport and c)going to a birthday party all on Saturday night. However, all that changed when one of my students gave me 4 tickets to see the Harlem Globetrotters. All I could think was how neat it would be to take Goober to see this performance...and for FREE!! So, we hired another babysitter (one of my sweet sweet 8th grade girls) to watch Ribbit so that we could take Goober and a friend to see the game. Both boys were super stoked....they soon realized that this was not a normal basketball game and they laughed and laughed. Goob's friend looked at me after about 10 minutes into the game and said " this isn't like the Mavs, those guys are double dribbling :)". We surprised them both with Harlem Globetrotters basketballs at the end of the game and then let them get some autographs at the signings. From there we took the babysitter home and took Goober and his friend over to his friend's house for a sleep over! We have had lots of friends over to our house but Good has never stayed the night with a friend....the mom and I are texting back and forth and he seems to be doing just fine...he is eating 3rd's on dinner :).

Some funny things from this week:
I over heard Goob in the playroom saying " oh, there you are ( to his monster truck), where have you been?....New Jersey?"
Ribbit has started asking us " what you doing" and "mommy/daddy what's wrong" about every 5 minutes. She's also starting to not take afternoon naps. She told me to "kiss her booty" this week while we were watching Goob's bball practice..I laughed so hard that I had to sit down..then she kept saying " mommy what's wrong" which made me laugh harder...I am sure that we were quite amusing to the other parents.
Goob takes a 3 ring binder everywhere he goes to get people to write down math problems with/for him. He told the babysitter that we do math problems at bedtime, not stories :). The funniest part is that he calls it his " blinder".

I hope to get the pictures and videos up soon from this weekend....but Adam's snoring (yes he is passed out at 8:00 pm) is actually making me jealous. So off to bed I go!!!

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