Monday, January 9, 2012

I wish you had a mind

Yup, the title says it all.
While I was sticking plates in the dishwasher after dinner both kids were finishing up their dinner at the table. I heard them having a conversation....pretty much Ribbit repeating everything that Goober said and then I heard Goob say in a very practical voice,, " Ribbit, I wish you had a mind, that way we could really talk to each other"...She just smiled at him and kept repeating him :)

Tonight during our dinner prayer Goob asked that God could bless everyone in the world's dinner and then Ribbit added that she would like to have a pop-tart....I mean God cares about the little things too right?

Our lives have been completely consumed this weekend with our new diets. We have gone low dairy and low sugar. Which means....we have eaten lots of veggies, fruits, rice, beans, meats, wheat breads, hummus, smoothies and homemade carbs---no sugar fresh blueberry muffins YUMMY!
Its completely not fun to eat out on this diet...well for me at least. We went to Boston Market to use a gift card and I felt safe since they serve lots of veggies...wrong..everything is coated in cheese and mixed with a cream of some type or cooked in a pound of butter. So, I had 3 pieces of roasted chicken and then they made a special side of potatoes cooked in vegetable oil and seasoned with dill just for me.....sounds like a party right?
I have enjoyed making more things from scratch and knowing exactly what we are eating though.
I have not enjoyed the amount of time it takes me grocery shop....I normally only take one kid with me anyways since I already coupon and drive everyone in the store insane. Yes I am that lady that stands in front of the chip section and compares prices, matches a coupon with it and sings with her 2 year old at the same time. Now, I am that lady that does all of that plus stops and talks with everyone since we now live in the same town where I work and then I check how much sugar and sodium each item took me about 7 minutes to pick out 3 microwave meals for lunch this week....all the while fake arguing with Ribbit about who was being more silly and giving high fives every 2 seconds (and she yelled at about 5 people that I was HER mommy and that I HAD TO PAY FOR IT!!!  :).....i mean we are totally OBNOXIOUS!!!

We finally got Christmas completely packed up and our bags completely unpacked. The new presents are out (some of them are in the closet waiting for a rainy day) and the kids are ready to REALLY REALLY get back in the swing of things tomorrow....both in school, dad on normal work schedule.
Oh, and we got a couch for the playroom....YAY....Adam and I don't fit well on the bean, its pre-loved and was free so they can't hurt it ;)

Oh, and guess what we celebrate in less than a month....OUR 1 YEAR OF BEING A FAMILY ANNIVERSARY....February 6th is the big day....Can you believe it?...I can't because we waited for what seemed like a decade to get our kiddos and I can because I feel like they have been mine forever :).

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