Monday, January 16, 2012

Ribbit Update

I figure I should write down all the updates on Ribbit, as she is changing rapidly and doing lots of fun things that I don't want to forget.

1. She likes to say "knock knock" and then you answer back "who's there" and this goes on for 5 minutes but its hysterical everytime.
2. She shhhhes me ALOT. Except a shh to her means that you need to talk quieter, not quit talking. She gets shhed a lot herself at the dinner table during devotion. Normally I say " shhh Ribbit, Daddy's talking". So now, everytime she is sitting on the potty she shhhes me and says " shh Mommy, Daddy's talking". Its quite comical especially in public bathrooms.
3.When we change her she gets up really quickly (still naked) runs and jumps on her bed and then shows us her butt while shaking it and says " booty booty". 
4. She can put on her two pair of boots by herself, not always on the right foot but 85% of the time they are correct.
5. She always tells everything and everyone bye. If she doesn't know you she will say "bye friend". She tells the house bye, the car bye, the killies (kitties) bye and her stroller bye. She also announces when she walks outside what the weather is by saying "its hot out here" or "its cold out here"
6. She pushes her stroller more than she rides in it.
7. She isn't fully potty trained and has weeks where she regresses but she does like to sit on the potty and sing or shh and is very proud of herself when she goes #2.
8. She is still very much a mommy's girl and ask me to "hold you" all the time. She is used to me telling her "okay, one minute". The other day I asked her to pick up her chapstick and she looked at me and said very matter of factly "one mimmic mommy, one mimmic".
9. Everything is hers, even things that are clearly Goobers.
10. She poses for pictures, no more squirming unless she is in a horrible mood.....and just like her brother she wants to see the picture right after it is taken.
11. She sings "fara jocka, fara jocka papaw"...."ring around rosies rosie"......."Give God glory glory".
12. She closes her eyes and holds hands during the prayer, adds in her own two sense and says Amen at the end.
13. She walks into our room almost every morning demanding a pop tart or yogurt. Now that we are sugar free the poptarts are gone, the yogurt is still around for the kids so she eats that and then request cheerios or pizza (toast) every morning without fail.
14. Her bedtime ritual is take off clothes, dance naked, change diaper, put on pjs, she turns on her nightlife by herself, she wants to climb in her own bed and then it varies between "mommy cover up" or "ribbit cover up" and she always wants her princess blanket, followed by her green blanket followed by her water and then kisses from mommy. We always say " see you in the morning". Then I say " night night sweet girl" and she says " night night sweet mommy" unless she is mad at me for making her go to bed and then I get "turn light off" :)
15. She insist that she and Goober do everything the same and get exactly the same food. If she gets up before Goober and is already at the table eating her yogurt, the minute he wakes up and comes to the table she says " mommy, goober want yogurt, pizza" as loud as she can.
16. She loves sitting on the counter with me and helping me stir dinner, put lids on tupperware, count fruit, lick spoons, put spoons away and sing while we are in the kitchen.
17. Our guest room is permanently CiCi's room and no one else can sing fara jocka with her because she will say "NO PAPAW"!!!!!
18. She sings her Lolly song in the shower and even though it takes her a while to warm up to Captain, the minute she does she tells him hi constantly.

Thats all I can think of tonight. I am a little anxious. Goober has a friend over tonight and so far we have had  a dance party in the middle of McAListers...of course started by Adam and me to embarrass the kids and then they took over and started shaking their backsides :). I have also learned what running to the bathroom saying you have to go #3 means...never knew there was a #3. We have also talked about why its gross to kiss your sister on the mouth, instead of the cheek. Goob's friend is blonde and blue eyes so I know we were confusing lots of people at McAlisters...not that we normally don't confuse them. Goob's friend said " people probably dont' know that I am not in your family" and Goob said " NO FAIR, you look like my mom and dad". It was pretty comical.

Here are some more pictures left over from break...still trying to get them all on here and edited.

Convincing Papa to paint her toenails with her new chapstick.
 Opening up Mom's food processor from Papa and CC....responsible for the yummy hummus!!
 CC and Papaw reading their book from Goober...this got tears :)
 Showing off his new do rag, riding gloves and leather jacket....he is super cool!
Playing with play dough with CC....CC and Papa are braver then mommy and dough is now permanently embedded in their carpet....i think they were looking for a reason to get new carpet though :)
 Making Papaw some playdough hair.....Ribbit may have a degree as a plumber in her future :)
Standing around the campfire with my kids, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and lots of cousins...out on a old dirt road surrounded by of my favorite memories from this christmas.
 sparklers with Uncle Chris and Uncle Mason
Sparklers with CC
I guess this is another picture that we should submit for parents of the year...oh well, they had fun..we were supervising very closely!

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