Tuesday, January 17, 2012

my little sweet heart!

During dinner tonight Goober told me that I made the best soup ever--chicken curry soup and brussel sprouts!!! At the end of the dinner in the sweetest little voice he said " mom do you know what I like the best about your dinner?" " you made it with love".....Adam and I both laughed at his goofiness and then praised him for how sweet he is and how compliments are great to give people.
Goober really has taken to this new diet so well and pretty much cleans his plate and ask for seconds almost every night. The only thing he hasn't gotten on board with yet is the juicing....its okay, more for us :).
So far I think the best mixture was this morning-watermelon, cucumbers, lemon and lettuce (nice dark leaves).

Here are some more pictures...not alot going on today...we picked out new granite countertops for the kitchen and are playing with some different cabinet ideas, overall a restful holiday with the kids :)

Early in the morning, drinking our juice.
 Doesn't that look scrumptious? Makes you want to lick the glass clean :)...no really its not that bad!!
 Our fresh produce from the co-op.
 Ribbit loves to wear her chef outfit...she will ask you if you want pop tarts or munch (lunch) or a snack :)

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