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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Video Dump

These are some videos from our holiday vacation....we leave tomorrow to head back to Texas (not really looking forward to that drive) but ready to see Goob start Upward Basketball, ready to start clay with my students and DUH DUH DUH ready for Adam to start his LAST semester of classes...whoop whoop!!!

This first one is of Ribbit and Uncle Ronnie...she was so sweet on him the whole night

Next, is the kids, daddy and Captain pretending to be asleep so they could surprise Uncle Jason and Aunt Erika on Christmas mornining...
This one is of Ribbit making Papaw paint her toenails with chapstick ( i paint her toenails alot...doensn't last long).
And the last is Goober complimenting my sewing skills......NOT

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