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Sunday, January 22, 2012


In Adam's words " we made it through another Saturday".
Today was crazy....even though we normally fly by the seat of our pants on weekends, we definitely overbooked and therefore missed some things. We started out with Ribbit in bed with us last night...she kept having scream fits. She would sleep for about 20 minutes, then cry, change positions and then repeat. She slept with her face on my stomach and her legs in Adam's you can imagine the high quality sleep we got.
Then we had an early basketball game for Goober..his first one! Let me stop here to say how COMICAL it is to watch 6/7 year olds play basketball. Goober has the defense part fact he was in that little boys face so much that I kept waiting for the kid to punch him and tell him to back off. Goober even guarded the kid when his team was trying to score....if the ball would have hit Goob in the face he wouldnt' have cared, because he was just too dagum busy guarding that little boy...oh that poor little boy. So anyways, after some sideline coaching (hehe) and a half time Goober did better and even tried to get the ball and make a point :).
I left early and went to my school where we had Open House for new students starting next year...yes, we have people already thinking about that and some of our grades are already at capacity with a waiting list. I got some work done at the school, talked to 5 different touring groups and then headed home.
We ate leftover tofu/chirizo enchiladas and then got down to buisness. Meaning Dad and Goob watched a movie while Ribbit and I headed to Southlake where the big fancy Farmers Market was having their big sale :). We got rolled oats, granola, lots of veggies, lots of berries, some supplements, sugar free vanilla cookies for the kids, some baking supplies and lots of Baked Organic Chips-i had coupons making them $1 a bag so we got 6 bags :).
The rest of the day was spent attacking the huge (taller than Goob)mound of laundry that both kids have been creating for 3 weeks-that's right...i haven't done kids laundry in 3 weeks, I know shame on me!!! We also spent some time trying out new recipes-Oatmeal Brownies (which the kids loved), Sugar Free, Gluten Free Pineapple Upside Down Muffins (for our breakfast this week). Then we made chirizo grits casserole and homemade Bojangles Biscuits for Sunday School breakfast tomorrow morning. The biscuits are sooooo good and so stinking simple....
So you take 2 cups of almond flour (or pecan flour, quinoa flour, whole wheat flour-whatever you have, even regular white flour),
add in 1/2 stick of crisco,
add 2 individual serving packets of splenda,
2 tsps of baking soda and
1 cup of soymilk ( I have made it with both coconut and regular flavor).
Bake at 400 for 12-14 them, when the tops start to get slightly brown they are done.
Then right when they come out of the oven you drizzle them with Imitation Honey-which you can find at Target and has 0grams of sugar unlike regular honey which will put you in a sugar coma real fast :). These biscuits are super duper good and creamy. This only makes 6 hearty biscuits so I normally double everything :)

The oatmeal brownie recipe I want to tweak and try some new things because even though they were good they were more like cake like than fudge like.....but they were stocked with oatmeal, applesauce, wheat germ, unsweetened cocoa and for the kids sake I left out pecans but next time they are going in!!!

The last part of our day was spent playing "spy" with Goober and listening to Ribbit count (sorta). Then we had a tickle war in our bed that was going well until Goob kicked Ribbit in the was all mom's fault though...he really can't control himself when I tickle his knees :).

OH And, we were supposed to be at church today from 10-12 for a conference we signed up for....we really did think it was next weekend, however we remembered tonight that we couldnt' have made it next weekend either due to a basketball game,football game and baby shower on Saturday :).

Here are three the first one you can hear me tell Adam that Goob is on that little boy like " white on rice"...the next two videos prove it :)

Nevermind, 20 minutes later and it still wont let me upload another video...I will try again later!
But here is Daddy (playing spy) with Goober and showing me Ribbit's new hiding spot :)

 This is what happens when Goober sweetly asks for a turn in the basket, Ribbit gets out, Goob gets in and Ribbit falls to pieces...Adam and I just laughed and laughed at this picture :)

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