Thursday, August 11, 2011

Why I love our school

I just wanted to write down some thoughts that convey why I love my job. First of all, it was a very hard decision for Adam and I to make over which teaching job to take. I had offers from both public and private schools. The public school offered me more money and the private school offered me a chance to include my faith in the curriculum. It really came down to where did I want my kids going and that is why I chose private. Turns out the pay is not that bad especially when you consider that I get two stipends for my kids to attend here and a good benefits package. But, there are three other huge reasons that I love my work place.
1. People matter-One of my good friends, the drama teacher here, adopted three beautiful Hispanic girls the day before our inservice started. She was overwhelmed, to put it lightly. She not only had become a mom to three overnight, but she also had syllabi to write, lessons to plan, and a bajillion other things that go along with the beginning of the school year. She also had to get her girls enrolled at our school, buy them uniforms, and don't forget all the paperwork and meetings that go along with adoption. So, during our first inservice meeting she realized that she didn't have the paperwork she needed and started crying--just pure exhaustion. Immediately our school head ( who was leading the meeting) stopped and we all jumped up and surrounded and her and started praying for her. We missed a good portion of our meeting and just let her talk to us and tell us what she needed from us. I knew entirely how she was feeling and thanked God that Eli and Bre came to us a)during snow days, (b) in the middle of the year and c) at a good time to take maternity days. No one cared that we didn't get to everything we needed to cover that day and our school head cried along with that teacher reminding her that we care more about God's children than we do about agendas.
2. Student-Teacher Relationships-I have absolutely loved coming back to teach and already knowing 90% of the students in my class. Its like going to a big reunion and being excited to see every single face. I couldn't wait to hug every single one of my 7th grade girls. They had so much to tell me and let me know just how sad they were to not have me for bible this year. One of them told me that she went around and told the new 7th grade girls two things...1)they had an awesome bible teacher this year ;), and 2) that if they wanted to get me off subject just ask me about my kids :) true.
3. High Expectations/Rigor-Our school is very very competitive. Goober is learning French, Spanish and German this year. When you get into 5th grade you start Latin and pick up another language in Rhetoric school. We have a 100% rate of every senior leaving our school and graduating college on some kind of scholarship. We demand rigorious curriculum out of our kids and there are high character standards that must be exemplified as well. We spend 1/2 of all of our inservices discussing what is means to be a classical, college preparatory bible based school. We read the classical books and philisophical books as a whole staff so that we can join in on the great conversation. I love that my Goober is getting this kind of education and that I am part of training up students who will enter the workforce as CEO's, Surgeons, Leaders, Teachers, etc....all who have a distinctive christian worldview!

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