Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Gramps

We have been going 90 to nothing lately.
This past weekend we hosted a dinner for some people that we had met in Israel who had recently moved to Texas. Then last night Goober and I stayed at school until 9:30 for Mini School night. He was a trooper and we had a lot of fun together in between the end of school and the beginning of Mini School.
However, this post is not about us but to say Happy Birthday to my Daddy!!!!
Last night Goob called him and very sweetly told him how much he loved him and that he wished he could see him. Then Goob proceeded to tell my dad that he knew how old he was and he was only off by one year. My dad started in on this very sweet spill about he didn't care how old he was because all that mattered is that he got to live long enough to see Adam and I get two beautiful children whom he loves very much. Goob thought about that for about 1.5 seconds and said " yeah, but do you still have your Harley???"...I about fell out. Leave it to the 7 year old to ruin a sweet sweet moment. The rest of the conversation was based around their next Harley ride together, their next fishing trip together, how they are going to get Goober a leather vest to ride in. Then Goob said "ok gramps, we will see you in 2 weeks, we have a secret for you, we are paying for you to go on a cruise with us".....apparently its a secret from everyone b/c we aren't headed towards their house until Thanksgiving and we are looking at cruises for Christmas :)....wishful thinking I guess :).
I love you Daddy...thanks for being the best Dad and the best Gramps to my kids. See you soon (but not in two weeks :))

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