Thursday, August 18, 2011

Goober and Ribbit

For security reasons we will now be referring to E as Goober and B as Ribbit.
We asked Goober to help us pick out his pseudo name and he gave me this list in this order : Poophead, Fartface, Big Dad, Spongebob and of course Uncle Chris. B is Ribbit because she sleeps with three stuffed frogs every night and is extremely upset if even one goes missing,
I should have done this a lot earlier, especially considering our unique situation. We aren't in any sort of danger and we aren't extremely worried but since we took appropriate measures on facebook we figured that should carry over to the blog.
I will still post pictures and videos as those are not searchable without captions!

Enough of that. Goober is learning a lot in first grade and therefore has a lot of homework, most of which he does while still at school waiting for me to finish up in my class. He has read three books to us every night and is getting better and better at sounding words out. He still gets frustrated at himself for not being perfect but we are working on that.
Ribbit has started asking us to watch "moomies"-movies. She is finally able to sit still longer than 5 minutes but only for Dora and Baby Faith. She still makes the best faces and makes us laugh constantly. She is even putting together small sentences like " mommy, no like it" ( i hear that at least 10 times at every meal ). She tells us all the time that Adam is "my daddy, no kiss :)".

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