Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ribbit's Birthday

This may be a long or short post depending on how long Ribbit naps. We just finished up her birthday party and we are exhausted...apparently Ribbit is too!
We had over several couples from our church, two with little girls Ribbit's age. We had an Elmo themed party as that is her new favorite cartoon character. She dug into her cupcake, mainly eating the icing. She wasn't sure what to do when people sang to her so she just looked around. Goober helped her blow out her candles as her little breaths wouldn't do it. She did pretty well opening gifts, took her time and played with each one a little. She got a Mr. Potato Head, A Doctors Kit, several bows, several stuffed animals, a busy bag activity, a mini kitchen, mini food and cooking pots, a tickle me elmo and a Dora bathtime castle. She also got some puzzles, a drawing board, a bag with a B on it and probably something else that I am forgetting. Everyone left around 1sh and we put her right down for a nap...ahh, good planning!!!! I am a little sad that she is already two but I can't wait to see her grow up and charm the pants off of even more people. She did say Thank You to each person after she opened their gift but she was a little freaked out when the two little girls tried to give her bye bye hugs.
When I picked her up from pre-school on Thursday she yelled " bye bye friends" so I'm thinking that she likes being there. Goober and I have been at the school for long days this week getting my room ready. My parents are here and they have had the kids ever since they got here. It worked out very well. Adam and I had a going away party to attend on Thursday so they took Goober to Tae Kwon Do and put the kids to bed. Then on Friday night a parent from our school gave their suite in the Rangers stadium to several teachers to use during the Rangers vs. Indians game. I didn't tell Adam about it so right before we had to leave I handed him a new Ranger shirt and said get in the car we got a game to catch. The suite was soo nice and it was awesome to watch the game in air conditioning...especially with this weather. We felt "wealthy" for a night :). I really wanted to spend some alone time with him while my parents are here because we rarely can find a babysitter and frankly my parents didn't come here to see me :).
Ill upload pictures and videos from Ribbit's birthday later on tonight but here is a video that you may need a kleenex for.
In Adam's words " the whole Sea World trip was worth it just to see the look on Ribbit's face when he was watching the whale". You have to wait until the very end of the video!!!

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