Thursday, August 4, 2011


I am back at inservice this week which means I am going 90 to nothing, putting in right at 12 hour days and therefore making me sleepy and overwhelmed.
Fortunately my parents are on their way to Texas right now and they are eagerly waiting to get their hands on my kids. I am glad that they will get some of the attention back that mom has not been able to give them this week.
Ribbit started pre-school on Monday and so far loves it. When I picked her up on Monday she said " swing"....a new word for her. She also learned fence and said it about every fence we passed on the way home. Wednesdays word was "friend"...everyone was her friend but apparently she doesn't like them because I got a strong " NO" to that question. We took cupcakes for her today to preschool since she won't be going tomorrow on her actual birthday.
I am a little sad that she is turning 2, and I can't believe that I am a mom of a seven year old either.
Speaking of my seven year old he has been saying some super sweet things lately. He has been saying " i love you too" to Adam instead of just "ok" when Adam says I love you. He also has been hugging me a lot more when I am standing and this morning he asked me "mom, do you still love me even though i lie?". I about melted. I promised him that I would love him regardless but that I know his little heart was not meant for lying. I am pretty sure that our family bible time brought that question up but I hate that he even asks me whether or not my love is unconditional.
He met his new first grade teacher yesterday and I think they are a good fit!!!!
More videos and pictures soon, probably not until after this crazy weekend filled with two parties, a surprise for Adam (hehehe :)), family visits, church, and the first day of school on Tuesday!!!

Pray for us---we go finalize some more things on Monday for the adoption...(names, medical insurance, kids health, review last 6 months).....they are pushing us to be completely official by the end of August. Our CPS worker told Adam in a meeting on Tuesday that she was so proud of us. She said that she was worried at first because we are young and have never fostered but that she had seen great things out of Goober and Ribbit. That was soooo nice for us to hear because CPS honestly intimidates the snot out of me!!!

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