Tuesday, August 2, 2011

First day of Preschool

Ribbit started preschool today! She did just great. She walked right into her classroom and said " bye bye mommy" and gave Goober a hug. Her teachers said that she was really happy all day and played well. They said that she cleaned up very methodically and that they attempted to have her pee pee in the potty twice. We really like this preschool, they send you email messages throughout the day and send you pictures.

Goober went to school with me today so that I could go get some work done and so that Dad could go to work. He played well in my classroom, glazed some ceramic pieces and was overall pretty good. We got home though and it was a different story. I honestly thought to myself several times throughout the evening " where did this kid come from". I think our family bible time did some good though because right after he got out of the shower he came and hugged me and said " sorry mom for.......". No one even told him to do that, I was a very proud momma.

A video of Ribbit singing and Goober teaching her the peace sign...

A video of Goober feeding dolphins at Sea World!!!

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