Wednesday, August 31, 2011

So worth it

First there was stopping in the 103 degree heat yesterday, after a long day at school, at Kroger to buy the cake. I had both kids and anyone that has to deal with car seats knows my pain of lifting the child, buckling the squirming child while sweating out the wazoo just to unbuckle her in 5 minutes. Anyways, we stopped at Kroger, Goober took all of 10 seconds to pick out his chocolate cake, with oreos and chocolate shavings on top. Then of course we had to go to the bathroom because why on earth would we have used it two seconds ago at our school? So at least 30 minutes at Kroger.
Second there was the stop at Party City, also in the 103 degree heat, also having to undo the carseat buckle, also having to chase down two kids as they tear apart the wig isle. I also had to pry candy away from Ribbit at least 20 times because the poor thing doesn't understand that mommy has to pay for it before you buy it. We finally left with a wig, a mustache and two candy bracelets and 6 candles, and spent a good 30 minutes at Party City.
Third, there was the whole swallowing my lunch whole because I had 15 seconds to eat and get down to Goob's building for his lunch.
Fourth, I forgot my swipe card and had to stand in the 104 degree weather with the huge cake and beat until someone let me in.
Fifth, I got to compromise with 6 and 7 year olds about how big of a piece of cake they could have and whether or not the icing was "white chocolate" or "whip cream" :). I also got to split up a would be fight over who could have the cherry on a certain piece.

BUT, all that was worth it as I heard several children tell Goober "happy gotcha day" and give him hugs. I went to leave the lunchroom, after grabbing all the trash and trying to race out to teach my next class and I heard " MOM". I looked back and Goob put down everything he had in his hands and said " one more hug". He ran to me and gave me a great big bear hug and said " thank you, see ya later". SO WORTH IT!!!!

Tomorrow is our court date and we sign our formal papers. The kids have been our children for so much longer and we have loved them for even longer then that. I'm praying for a sweet spirit for all of us tomorrow...for everything to go smoothly ( we were on the phone even up til tonight with our CPS negotiator). I ask that you also pray that no one will recognize our kids as we have to travel to the city of their birth and that Goober won't recognize anything that will prompt a negative memory.

Regardless of everything,...6 months of paperwork, CPS, AFS, Attorney, Psychiatry, Speech Development and Case worker visits, despite having to write down their every move, despite the sleepness nights, disgusting guest bathroom, toy filled living room, outfits ruined by body fluids (okay, ewww), trips spent to Sea World swimming in peepee infested water, late night trips to Target for must haves, late nights of reading homework with Goob, gobs of money spent on uneaten food, nasty food (aka McDonalds) and everything else that comes with kids......they are and will continue to be WORTH IT!!

Here is the wig we got for crazy hair day. He wanted to look like his Gramps...down to the handlebar mustache. Oh the love he has for Gramps :)

The cake he picked out....I would have made it but there aren't enough hours in the day.


He was sooo in love with this cake :)

Eating with his friend Emma, they have been in the same class for two years now. Sweet girl.

His new friend Zane and his crazy hair :)

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