Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Afternoon

I think the only reason I have time to sit down and write today is because I have developed a severe sore throat over the last couple of days and therefore the kids are plopped down in front of the boob tube. They went to church this morning with Adam but I stayed behind...tried to get into an Urgent Care just to wait 30 minutes for them to even give me a stack of paperwork to fill out..i gave up, went to Walgreens, came home and slept.

We have been super busy lately though and I have been meaning to record some of the hilarious things that have come out of Goober's mouth. First of all he got a STICKER on Friday....HALLELUJAH!!!!!  We went to a sunday school potluck dinner that night and then to the seminary for the fall kick off. The kids played in bounce houses and got their faces painted. We didn't get home until around 9:30. When I picked Ribbit up at preschool I watched her for a minute before I went in and she was sitting in the last chair in a line of chairs saying " All Aboard"...super cute

Saturday we went to a Scrapbook Garage Sale ( the best hour of my life) and momma loaded up on some stock. Goob helped me dig and would fit into tight spaces to tell me what things was a bit crowded!  Then we went to Sonic close to my school to help the girls basketball team raise money for their upcoming tournaments. Everyone loved seeing the kids there and Goob's friend was there so he ate part of the time with them.

I got the kids some stamps at the scrapbook sale, so after Ribbits nap we let them go to town. I turned my back for one minute and when I looked back Ribbit had stamped her chest and her chin and was going to town on the rest of her body.We just let her do it because a) it kept her happy and quiet while I got dinner together and b) it was water soluable ink. Goob had a blast watching her do it too!

Now for documentation of my funny funny son...
He was looking for a compass since he has been learning about them in school. He said "mom, what color is dad's compass?". I said " I don't really know". and he said " you mean you have been married for 4 years and don't know what color compass he has?"

Next, for dinner last night Adam and I had crab legs while the kids had grilled cheese. Goob told us how gross we were the whole dinner until we finally convinced him to try some crab. He took a bite and said " well, if it were french crab, I may like it".

After church today the kids and Adam went out and got us lunch. They brought me home some soup and Goober wanted to taste it. I let him and he said "i think I know how they make this, they put water, apples, bananas and noodles in it"...genius :)

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