Monday, August 1, 2011

More Sea World pictures

"Mommy, Elmo"---Ribbit's caption as I publish this picture

"It looks like a fat sea lion"-Goober's caption for this picture

Family picture in front of the large sealion/sea cow thing.

First Shamu show on the first night we were there.

" That was cool"-Goober's caption

Goober feeding the dolphins on Wed. morning...wasn't scared a bit.

Picture in front of the large tank that we sat and looked in for quite some time.

 Ribbit yelling " mommy, hold you"....she is quite demanding these days :).

So since getting back from Sea World we have majorly crashed. The house is destroyed, the dishes are dirty and our main focus has been on (a)getting paperwork ready for our courtdate on Monday, August 8th, (b) getting the paperwork ready for Ribbit to start preschool on Monday, August 1st, (c) getting things together for Ribbit's 2nd birthday party and (d) mom getting ready for school to start on August in other words we aren't busy at all :). 

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