Sunday, July 24, 2011

Water Camp

This past week Goober participated in Water Camp at the seminary.
He was super stoked and the coaches were very very sweet to him. He was already a pretty good swimmer but now he is truly a fish! They focused on one stroke every day and then the rest was games, including water balloons, relays and on Friday they rented a huge blow up water slide! Goobnlearned the breast stroke, freestyle, the butterfly and the backstroke. We stayed at least 30 minutes after water camp every day for him to practice them and to play with his snorkel and flippers.
Its very helpful for us to know that he is a strong swimmer as we have to keep both eyes on Goob since she isn't scared of anything!
Here are some pictures from camp!

                                         Practicing with his snorkel and fins.

Playing in the kiddie pool while Goob is at swim camp.

                                                   Red Light, Green Light Game

Working up the backstroke.

Goober's turn on the water slide!

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