Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cousin Fun

Over the last two days the kids have met both sides of Adam's family....including great grandparents, aunts, uncles and all whole lotta cousins.
Friday we went to see the Harvell side and Goober and Ribbit got to pick vegetables out of Nana's garden, throw frisbee with cousin Jordan and use Nana's stair rail as a jungle gym. They had a great time playing with Uncle Ruste's tiny chihuahua and keeping everyone entertained with the train whistle and harmonica. By the way, if you want to remain friends with us, do not ever give Ribbit or Goober a  harmonica as a present :). Thanks.

Saturday we went to see the Mashburn side of the family and the kids spent the day picking blueberries, riding the mule (large golf cart) and riding bikes with cousins. Goober, Emily and Will also got to slip and slide with Adam!!! We ate lots of good food for lunch and dinner and Goober discovered a love for Uncle Justin's BBQ ribs!!....except he kept calling chicken.
Here is part of a funny conversation between Goob and cousin Will.
Goob: God is the biggest thing in this whole world.
Will: Bigger than this house?
Good: Bigger than all the buildings.
Will: Well I bet our new house is at least as big as Jesus.
Good nods his head in agreement.

Pawpaw Mashburn was downstairs with all the cousins watching them climb all over the mule, four wheeler and lawn mower and he looked at Goob, then looked at me and said " great, another Will " and walked back upstairs....HA, those two can get into mischief when they are together.

Ribbit has picked up several new words over the last couple of weeks. She is so great at mimicking people. She  says " Mess (almost every morning after breakfast while looking at herself), Eh Like It ( which means Don't like it), Hold Me or You, Crackers, Sticker, Uncle Biss ( Uncle Chris), Piaper (Diaper), Eh Touch It ( don't touch it), Bueberry ( blueberry), Horsey (as she rides John Luke the Dog), Wimmnig (Swimming)" and a  bunch more that I can't remember.

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