Friday, July 29, 2011

Sea World Day 3

Well the kids actually slept in until 8:09 today, but not without a little persuasion. Ribbit woke up at 5, but I convinced her that Elmo wanted to go night night so she laid back down with him.
We got up, packed, applied loads of sunscreen, ate another large breakfast and left. We got to the park about 10 minutes before they opened and got a stellar parking spot. We had a plan to get there early and let Goober ride some rides before heading into Lost Lagoon water park. We went straight to the Steel Eel which is a very large roller coaster that Adam had already ridden (rode?). We didn't think Goober would be tall enough but he just made it (I think it was his curly hair :)). I was super surprised that he wanted to ride it because it looks very very intimidating. Sure enough he and dad rode in the last car and LOVED it!!!! In the pictures from the first big drop you can only see Goober's head, he apparently was ducking and holding onto Adam for dear life. When they stopped he said " is that all?". He felt like such a superstar and we kept telling him how big he was for riding that and not being scared.
Then we went into the water park for the rest of the day .....and it was soooo nice, we barely sweated and they had so much for the kids to do. We rode around the lazy river at least 4 times, just played and rode the waves in the wave pool and let Goober ride down several slides. Towards the end of the day we went to the kids pool which has lots of little water rides, a large house full of water guns, buckets and other water elements. Adam and I literally sat in the kiddie pool and watched Ribbit swim all around us ( her little lifejacket is just wonderful). She was content to jump into the water face first, play with us and splash herself. Goober ran around with several other kids, sprayed people and made sure he was underneath the big bucket of water drop every time. It was wonderful to end the trip that way. We left the waterpark at closes at 7 so we didn't miss much at all. We got on the road, stopped at McDonalds and got home at 11. The kids went straight to bed and mom and dad got to work on bringing in luggage, checking mail, checking on the cats and getting those nasty smelling clothes into the washer :). All in all great vacation...we are definitely planning on another Sea World visit in 2011!!!

1.The BEST bathrooms are in Lost Lagoon (right beside Castaway Cave). They have showers, they are clean, they are air conditioned and they are large. We all took showers and changed into dry clothes before our loonggg ride home and those bathrooms were wonderful.
2. The BEST place to eat (according to me) is at Castaway Cave. They have kids meals for $5.99, we got super hungry and got two of them and it made a great snack/meal for all four of us. It comes with a drink and we got free refills. They also have shows in there with Shamu, Penguins and a shark--you know people dressed as them singing and dancing. Its also HUGE and there is lots of seating  and its in the shade!!!!! We stayed there for about one hour...Ribbit loved the show and hugged all of the sea animals!
3. If you have one of those lifejackets like the one I have posted Ribbit in (goes around the child in the front and has two arm floaties attached ) then take it!!! The security guards at the entrance told us that they wouldn't let us take it in and use it, but they did. They won't let you use regular floaties but since ours was Coastguard approved they never said a word!!

Pictures and videos to come!!!!  Time for a NAP!!!

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