Friday, July 22, 2011


Adam and I are celebrating our 4 year anniversary today!!! What are we going to do you may ask? Well we are going to chase kids, feed kids, love on kids, take kids to water camp, take kids to Vacation Bible School and then hang out at home. My oh my how our life has changed!!!!

I thought it would be fun to post some old pictures from our story.

First picture together.....We were each others constant companion but we weren't dating yet. This is on Adam's graduation night from Auburn, December 05. He left right afterwards to move to TN..but he didn't stay there long :)

He moved back to Alabama, we worked together for a while and got engaged in October 06.

We were eager to be Mr. and Mrs. and that happened on July 21, 2007 :)

Then we moved up to Johnson City, TN where I earned my Masters Degree from ETSU. This is in the backyard of our first home on our 1 year anniversary. By the way, we still own that home, just haven't lived there in 2 years :(

This is a picture taken after our 2 year anniversary but close to the date. We were both in a friend's wedding.

This is close to our 3rd anniversary while we were in Israel for our 2nd trip. We are pointing out Bethlehem and Jerusalem.

And this is at my birthday lunch on Sunday--our anniversary and my bday are only 4 days apart so I figure this picture will do for our 4th anniversary! Bre's not looking, but we are all in it and its somewhat clear so there ya go.

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