Thursday, July 21, 2011

Goober (isms)

Good just cracks me up.....I love the way he thinks.

Today I was telling him that I was going to eat dinner with one of my friends, so I needed to call her and tell her where to meet me. He said "well if you are looking for good Mexican food, go to that Chinese place with the good chicken"...:)

The field and drainage ditch close to our house are being worked on...not sure what the final outcome is going to be but there are 3 or 4 different tractors out there and several other trucks parked in our yard and down our street every day. Today as we were pulling in from swim camp Goob said " those guys are always here, they work too hard, just like me. I go to swim camp, I go to VBS, I have to do my math problems and then you are going to make me start tae kwon do soon!!!"
---we really made him take tae kwon do....he has been begging us for a while!!!

This may be when his love of tae kwon do really started, well this and seeing Kung Fu Panda 2!!!
Here we are at a Fourth of July festival and this guy tells Goob that he can break a board on his own!

  He shows him exactly how to hit the board and where to hit it.
 Good does exactly what he says and .........goes clean through. I think me and Adam were more amazed than Goob!!
 He showed everyone those two boards, including the friends we had over for dinner that night and Gramps, CC and Uncle Chris on skype.

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