Friday, July 15, 2011

Enjoying summer

Our summer is coming to an end wayyyyy to fast.
In fact, over the next three weeks we are booked, and I mean booked!!!! Our calender hasn't been this busy since the last week of school. We are busy getting the kids into see doctors, dentists, and other appointments while I still have time off to take them. Ribbit is starting a three day preschool in August so we also had to make sure that she was up to date on all of her shots since as of May she was 6 months behind. We also have to have current visits so that our adoption presentation can be made on August 8th. Goober and I start back to school on the 9th!!!! Goob is going to water camp and VBS next week as well.
Over the last two days we have had some down time and some go go go time!
Wednesday we woke up late, helped the kids build a fort, got some paperwork done and did laundry in the morning. After lunch we headed up towards my school so that we could pay Ribbit's preschool registration and get all the forms we need to fill out. They were very happy that we picked their school and can't wait to have Ribbit with them. She got a backpack and a shirt-she was pleased. Then we went to Bedford Splash Park. Its on the Boys Ranch property and its very affordable. We stayed for about 4-4.5 hours and we wore those kids out :). Ribbit is getting very brave and is going in until the water is above her belly. She loves to be dumped backwards into the water and get her hair wet. Goober is also getting better and better in the water. Adam showed him some different strokes and as Adam said " for the first time, he listened to me and did what I said :)". We even let him run around for the last 30 minutes " by himself" with a little boy he met there. We sat in the middle of the larger pool (with Ribbit in our laps-she was sooo tired) where we could always see him but he felt super grown-up with his friend.
Thursday morning we woke up and once again worked on paperwork---for Ribbit's preschool and for our upcoming adoption presentation. Then Adam and I crashed on the couch while the kids watched two episodes of cartoons....i know, i know. But, they are approved shows and it really is too hot to go outside during that time of the day. We ate an early lunch and Ribbit took a quick nap. We got her up and we all got showers to head back over to my school. On the way though we stopped at the doctors to get one more shot for Ribbit--she cried for maybe 3 minutes and then reminded us of her boo boo for the next couple of hours. Then Adam surprised me and took me to a scrapbooking boutique in North Richland was super cute and I got some great stuff for the kids book ( now to find time to scrapbook :)). Then we went to the mall to a) eat dinner-we were starving and b) to let Goob spend his birthday money. He and Adam are into golf and Goob wanted his own left handed clubs. He only had $20 but Dick's was having a golf sale so he got a putter---his size and lefthanded!!!! He was sooo happy, he actually slept with it last night :). Then we went to our school for a uniform re-sale where we got Goober everything he needs for next year and ordered some pants that are new to the uniform. Then we went to an Ice Cream social.
We walked in and Goober spotted his most favorite person....MRS. BARNES. He ran to her and hugged her until she squatted down to the floor and he talked and talked to her, never stopped smiling. Then he saw three girls from his pre-first class and stayed with them the rest of the night. We got to talk to several parents whose kids are going into first and I also got to see alot of my students from last year. Ribbit charmed everyone and ate her some "i cream". Goob played in the gym for about an hour and didn't want to leave his friends. I think he is ready to start back to school!
Overall two pretty productive days.....our goal is to finish all of the paperwork today, make several phone calls and plan our surprise trip to Sea World for the kids during the last week before school starts :)

Here is a video of the kids singing the rain away while we were on our way to watch a firework show on the 4th. TOO CUTE!!

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