Thursday, July 7, 2011

Home Sweet Home

We made it. All the way back to Fort Worth. It took us 13 hours-complete with two food stops, two gas stops and potty stops, lots of singing (mostly by Bre), lots of movies, lots of reading on my end and lots of bad drivers. I'm pretty sure that its a rule that whatever road we are taking home has to be under construction for at least half of the way.
Bre has been on a kick of repeating everyone in the family and making sure that someone is paying attention as she says " Mommy, Jijah, Daddy, CC, Pawpaw, Lolly, Tatan,"...normally CC makes at least 5 appearances she likes to say that word and every now and then "Uncle Biss" will pop up. She can say "Jason but there is a loooonnnnngg pause before Ja and Son. Erika was just too hard so its not recognizable when she says it. She has become soooo good at mocking every word I say and now when she tells someone Thank You she adds their name onto it. We love hearing her be polite and say " Thank you Mommy, Daddy, Jijah". She also calls every book " bible". Anytime she has a drink in her hand she says " ice, ICE bibby....nunun nun nu nu "...thanks Gramps :).
Eli found a pen on our loonng ride home and showed us all of his new tattoos when we stopped for dinner. We wondered why he was being so quiet. He also used their blankets to build a fort in the back seat to cover their faces from the sun. It worked because within 15 minutes of building the fort they were asleep.

Today has been full of just getting things done. We unpacked well before 10 this morning....everything!!!! Then we cleaned this nasty house spotless...well not spotless but enough to wear I was no longer embarrassed. We also sorted through a month of mail, checked on bills, called lawyers (for the adoption), vacuumed and steam mopped all before noon. Dad went into work after lunch so Eli, Bre and I went to the bank, Walgreens, Target and Kroger. We ate porkchops, rolls, squash souffle ( thanks to Nana Harvell) and green beans for dinner. Eli heard me tell Adam that I was going to pack up the leftovers from dinner and he whined "mom, we just got back and we have to pack againnnn?"

Highlights from our last two days in Alabama.
1. Being out on Guntersville Lake during the firework show on the 4th. Waiting for the show, Eli went up the front of the boat with Captain and we heard him say "wooah, i just heard a whale talk" Adam and I started saying his name like Dorrey talks from Finding Nemo and he thought it was funny.
2. On the way to the Lake it started pouring and Eli and Bre tried to sing it away with " rain, rain go away, we want to have a fun day"....bre just said " rain rain" over and over again. I have a video that I will post later.

I realized that a lot of people who read this dont have facebook so I'm going to post some of my favorite pictures from our time in Alabama with the next couple of posts too!

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