Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Do kids come with energizer batteries?

As I type this I am daydreaming of crawling into bed in probably 20 minutes---which probably won't happen since Goob just walked out of his bedroom mid sentence and was in a foul mood over having to wear his VBS band all week.
Anyways, we have just been going non-stop the last two days and neither Ribbit or Goob seem phased by the lack of sleep. Adam and I though are about to kill over. Monday, Ribbit woke up super early (even with her blackout curtains still in place. We left for the grocery store right after dad left for work---we were out of bananas, yogurt, milk and eggs---all staples in the Harvell home. We got back and ate lunch and Ribbit went down for a short short nap because we had to leave at 12:30 for Goob's water camp. He is taking a week long camp at the seminary for 2 hours everyday where they are focusing on different swimming strokes and different water games. He loves it. He is in the barracudas, which is in between the guppies and the sharks. He is the only boy in his group but his leader is a male and they seem to get along just fine. He is such a strong swimmer and was all over the pool. We stayed and swam afterward for just a little bit, until Ribbit nastied up her little swimmie. We got home and I made dinner. Adam got home, we ate and then we took Goob to VBS. He missed our church's VBS b/c we were in Alabama so he is going to the Baptist church right down the road for their VBS. He was a little shy at first...i stayed and watched him for a while...he is in the tribe of Benjamin and his two leaders were super sweet. Eventually he signaled me to leave (oh goodness, please tell me that my 7 year old isn't already too cool for me). When Adam went to pick him up he said that he was at the front of the room, dancing to the worship music. He came home with all kinds of stuff to tell us and show us and couldn't wait to go back. Oh yeah, he also didn't fall asleep until almost 10 because he was so hyped up on the "good cookies" they gave him for snack.

Today, Ribbit and Goob were up at 6:30 once again...i mean wide awake....not drowsy children that need help getting out of bed, but LOUD, FULLY ALERT, HUNGRY children! Ribbit and I left at 8 for school- I was meeting several of my students to let them glaze some pottery and to also get my supply catalog to figure out what I need for this upcoming school year. We divided the kids up since Adam was off today so that we could give each one some individual attention. While Ribbit and I were away, dad and Goob got my oil changed and then used up 2 boxes of snap pop on each other. Then they went to the seminary early so that Goober could play basketball and use his snorkel equipment. Ribbit and I got to the seminary about 30 minutes into water camp and immediately got into the pool. She got a new lifejacket and she is even more of a daredevil. She was trying to get my attention one time while I was helping Goob and she just jumped into the deep end off of the ladder and swam to me......she loves loves loves the water. Goob learned the back stroke today and was so proud of himself. Total we swam for almost 3 hours, got a sno-cone and headed home. We ate dinner (mainly leftovers) and then Adam and the kids played Monkeyballs on the Wii while I made TIRAMISU.....YUM!!!! Then off to VBS Goober went..he was so excited. He had his offering with him and he said his memory verse probably 30 times to me on the way there. I went to Kroger while he was there ( huge  mega event sale---i got soo much for soo little) and Adam put Ribbit down for the night. He said she walked into her room for night night, you know that little girl is tired when that happens :). When I went to pick Goob up from VBS I had to cover my mouth from laughing. I hid in the back so he wouldn't see me but he was break dancing right in front of the worship stage. They have on head scarfs to associate them with the different tribes so imagine the cutest little black boy you have ever seen with a turquoise head scarf on, without any shoes on break dancing to "Come and go with me, to my father's house".......he was quite the little entertainer. I was so proud of him though, he stopped cutting a rug right when the music stopped and kept his head bowed and eyes closed through the whole prayer. His teachers told me thank you for bringing him....super sweet right?
Now its 9:00 on Tuesday night and I feel like we have been through a whole week of water camp and VBS...but nope!!!

Here are the pictures from our night at Chic Fil A dressed as cows to get free food!!

Family shot before heading out. Good helped me make our costumes and picked out each person's cow mask.

 This is Ribbit's favorite stuffed animal "Ribbit". She doesn't go anywhere without him and when we do leave him behind she says " ribbit" several times and I assure her that he is at home and is sleeping :)
Goober showing us how to moo like a cow!!

Ribbit kept saying her ice cream was " hot", she meant cold :)

Goober enjoying his ice cream....see that Cow stuffed animal lying there? That is what Ribbit charmed out of a man at another Chic Fil A about a month ago ....his name is Moo, he is also a favorite of hers :)

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