Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sea World Day 2

Yes, I am writing these posts back to back, because I am afraid that if I fall asleep I will forget everything we did today and since its our first "official" family vacation I want to document it all!!!!!

Well, since we didn't go to bed until almost 10 last night, we woke up super late at 6:50....WAH WAH. Ribbit was up and rubbing my elbows, saying " guh morring" bright and early. We all got up and went to the continental breakfast here at the hotel. The other hotel guests probably thought we were crazy but we were soo hungry that we all ate two or three plates full and left throwing away at least 7 different cups. Then we came back to the room and let the kids watch The Cat in the Hat while mom and dad got another hour of sleep in. They rested too  as Goober laid in his bed while watching and Ribbit laid in between my legs. We got up and we were at the park 7 minutes before they opened.
I need to back up just a minute and describe our conversation with Goober as we pulled in the first day so that I can tell you about today's convo. So we had convinced him that we were going to the Worlds Largest' Garbage Dump and that you could slide down dirty diaper slides!!! We told him that we were packing our swim suits because we didn't want to ruin our good clothes and that we were staying in a hotel to regain energy at night because we were going to be sorting through trash all day looking for treasures. So on the way into Sea World (its a long windy road in) we kept pointing at different hills that we thought might be the dump, and we kept saying, "whew, mom don't you smell that, I bet we are getting close". So when we finally pull in we say " wait, Goob this doesn't look like a dump" and " woah, look at that roller coaster and water slide, this place looks neat". He was confused but never stopped smiling. Finally we told him that we were at SEA WORLD (and we said it loud and excited like) and he put his head in both hands and said " but i wanted to to go to the garbage dump....well our bubble was busted. We finally convinced him that Sea World was better and that we were surprising him.
Well today on the way in to the park he said , "whew, I smell trash, that garbage dump is probably somewhere close".....we didn't tell him that we made it up, we just smiled at each other.

So anyways, we got there today and went straight to the dolphin feeding. We bought Goober a tray of fish and he had fun feeding them to two dolphins. Afterwards we let the kids put their hands in the pool and try to touch one. They came really close and would splash us but without fish they weren't buying it.
We had mapped out our day last night and had planned for a show every hour and a half so that we could sit and at some of them be in air condition. We also planned it so that we weren't walking from one side of the park to the other but more in a big circle. So today we saw the dolphins, sharks, penguins, puffins, snakes, frogs and large aquariums. Ribbit, being the frog lover that she is, stood at the frog exhibit for several minutes, said " bye bye ribbit", walked over to the fish tank and then screamed " RIIIIBBBBBIITTT" and bee lined it for the frogs again. Have I mentioned that she sleeps with three stuffed frogs, all named ribbit?. Goober and I had a contest to see who could pick out the different sharks the fastest. He really likes the different fish and seeing sting rays. Hes such a good big brother and always says " look Ribbit" and tries to show her neat stuff. They both sat and watched a lobster walk over to their side of the tank and then screamed bloody murder when it got close ( i am laughing out loud while typing this at the mental image I have of both them realizing how close that lobster was getting!!!).
We also let Goob ride the boat ride again and then he and I rode the log ride--he won't admit it but he loves being able to ride the "adult rides". He loves both of them and Dad and I have fun taking him off by himself for some individual attention.  Dad rode the Steel Eel as the lines were literally 5 minutes long and he was stoked. Goob should be able to ride it with him the next time we come as he is only about 1 inch away from being tall enough.
We also went to several shows today--Sesame Street 4D again( both kids love that show and its air conditioned), Azul (dolphins), One Ocean (killer whales) and Sesame Street Buccaneers. The One Ocean was awesome. Ribbit took a nap during it so I stayed up top with her but Dad and Goob sat in the splash zone and they got some awesome shots. We also went to the Ski and Boat show and got drenched. At every other show we sat in the splash zone and just got a couple of drops but we left the Boat show sopping wet, but it felt goooood!!!! The kids were eating a snack during that show and after the first jet ski splashed us Ribbit looked at me soaking wet and holding up her soggy cracker and said " cracker gross" really loud. We laughed pretty hard.
We also figured out that going to watch the boat ride gets you pretty wet too so we went and got drenched to keep cool some throughout the day. Goob couldn't stop laughing every time...he thought it was hilarious.
At the end of the day we let the kids play in the Sesame Street water park again. Goober ran through the tunnels and Ribbit rode the carousel. This time though she told her horsey " I buh guh"...I'm a big girl!!! We then let each kid pick out a $5 toy since tomorrow we are going to the larger water park and won't be back at the souvenir places. We figured a small something, combined with what we already have for them back home would be plenty. Ribbit got a small "elbow" doll and Goober got this soaker thing that I am sure he will use against me and dad all day tomorrow!!!! We got home around 8, got showers, ate dinner and the kids are asleep!!!!

Tips for taking young kids to Sea World part 2
1. Take a bag that will fit all of your valuable items it, plus a dry change of clothes. Make sure this fits under your stroller. You can't take strollers into the shows so it was nice to just grab that bag and know that everything we needed was with us.
2. If your child wants to be splashed get to the shows a little early, splash zones fill up quickly!
3. Make your kids keep their shirts on. 1)obviously they won't get sunburnt but 2) for Goob he had to have a shirt on for every ride so keeping it on all the time kept things smooth--he wore one of those quick dry shirts.
4. LEAVE SEA WORLD---we left at 3 and went to the subway one exit down. We bought footlongs and drinks and didn't break the bank!!!!! We also sat down in air condition and just re-charged. When we got back we easily found parking spots and went back in ready to go!!!
5. Moms, just deal with it. Don't wear make-up. Don't try to look nice, just know that you are going to be wet all day long. Either from sweat, water, your child's drinks, etc. I am only there for my family and not getting mad everytime Goob soaks me, or when a whale splashes fishy foul poop smelling water on me has been wonderful. But seriously, I may burn my swimsuit, I have never smelled water like that!!! :)

Pictures and videos to come!!!

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