Monday, July 25, 2011

Parents can have fun too!!!!!

Can I just say that I have been having the best time planning our "surprise" trip to Sea World? We have been planning this trip for a while and its coming up this Tuesday thru Thursday. I am horrible at keeping secrets and I normally get so excited that I end up spillin the beans. But NOT this time! We have been telling Eli that we are going to the "Garbage Dump" and that we are going to search for toys and ride down slides of thrown away diapers....he keeps looking at us really weird but saying " okkkaaayyyyy".

We have our hotel booked, our passes printed out, our parking passes paid for, we know where we are going on what days, what shows we will see and our meals are about to go in the cooler. I read a lot of other mommy blogs on tips to going to Sea World with young kids and I think we are set. We are going two days at the two different water parks there and in between we will do the animals, shows and rides. I just can't even wait to see Eli's face when we pull in!!!!!!

I expect there to be some bruises, melt-downs and attitudes along the way but I think we are just going to have a blast together as a family of four!!!! We bought annual passes so hopefully we can return if all goes well.

I'm trying to catch up on videos so here ya go!!!!!

When you are stuck inside because of the 100 + degree weather then anything becomes a toy!

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