Monday, July 18, 2011

27 years young!!!!!

So I turned the big 27.....yeahhhhhh. I'm honestly not one of those people who fear getting older, especially not when I just started a family and have many many blessings. Adam and I have also accomplished a lot of what we said we were going to by age 27 and 28 so I feel good!!!
1. Go to the Louvre-check, spent two days in Paris on our way to Israel
2. Go to the Holy Land- check, twice for me, three times for Adam plus many more to come.
3. Get our masters-check, Adam will be done in May
4. Live in the north-check , well we considered Northeast TN pretty dagum far north :)
5. Adopt-check, nothing better than my two kiddos.
All in all God has blessed me in these 27 years and I look forward to growing older and growing closer to him.

Today was the most laid back birthday I have ever had and probably one of my favorites. Adam got up and made us breakfast and then was in charge of getting the kids ready for church. We all went to church, Adam taught sunday school and we had two new couples--YAY. THen we went to Eidelweiss German Restaurant for lunch----YUM, where my kids ate chicken fingers and fries. Bre smeared so much ketchup on herself that she had a ketchup unibrow. Adam had snitzel, red cabbage, sauerkraut and fried potatoes. I had something German sounding that was beef tips with tomatoes, carrots and mushrooms in a wine and cream sauce (delicious) with the same sides as Adam. We were stuffed!!!! Then we came home and my kids gave me my gift......A 2 HOUR NAP!!!!! Bre went down easy and Eli crawled into bed without anyone telling him to....i think it was a combo of this heat and our lunch that did it. Adam and I cuddled up on the couch and slept too....LIKE BABIES!!!!!  Then we all woke up and spent some sweet time skyping with my grandparents in Florida. I love that they are all set up to talk with us. Bre kept saying " bye nana, bye papa" when we were getting off. Then we headed back to church, went to the ice cream social after church and then came home and went to bed. And oh yeah, we forgot to eat dinner----the kids didn't even notice, thank you ice cream, french fries and chicken fingers :).
Some funny Eli sayings/doings of the day.
1. When we pulled up to the German Restaurant he looked at it and said " this looks like a reckless chinese restaurant".....hahah, we laughed so hard.
2. On the way home from lunch he said " mom, relax" and made me put my seat all the way back. He could reach my head then and scratched my head the whole way home, saying that was my birthday present. That kids knows me :).
3. He gave me a hand made card this morning that said " I love you, Happy Birthday" and he drew both of us, giving himself crazy crazy hair.
4. He said at church " mom, how can you be older, you don't look bigger". I explained that eventually we stop getting bigger on our birthday. He said " well I already grew a lot on my 7th birthday".
5. He drew all over himself before night church (like on his face). So we told him to clean it off before we got there. When we were pulling up to the church we noticed that he still had blue lines all over his face so we said " eli, clean your face off". His reply? " I will do it in the church bathroom, no worries" if he was a teenager.

Bre sat with us during most of night church since the 5/6th graders were leading worship. She did fine until some adults begin to give testimony. So i got up with her to walk out and she said " bye bye" as loud as she could and waved to everyone as were leaving. She also said " bye bye daddy" like 50 times. I was beat red and sweaty when we got to the nursery. Everyone came up to us after church and said how cute she was and how much they laughed as I was taking her out.......:)

Here is a video of Bre singing on our way to the splash pad. Notice that one shoe is off----her usual outfit.

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