Saturday, July 9, 2011

Playing catch up

I still feel like we are playing catch up from being gone sooooo long. Today we went and caught up with several friends and boy was it nice. We walked around seminary and stopped at several places to just chat and hug a neck. Then we met Dad for lunch and that was super fun too.
Funny story-There is a Korean lady named Ruth that I befriended our first year here at the gym. She and I would do abs together almost every time and her intensity always made me die laughing. Well then she and Adam had a class together and apparently she thought he was quite the looker. So today when we were eating at the seminary she was there working as the cashier in the cafeteria. We didn't buy lunch there but we ate in the cafeteria for air condition. She saw Adam and I together and was amazed. She kept saying that she didn't realized that we belonged to each other and now she had to tell everyone that Adam was off the market. Then she suddenly realized we had two kids with us and said " are they yours?". We said yes, we adopted them in February and she was at a loss for words. She kept telling Eli how he had two "good-looking" parents and he was so lucky. We were laughing so hard at this point. She ran over to the dessert counter and brought us three pieces of carrot cake with icing and chocolate drizzle and said " free dessert". We told her Thank You and then when both Eli and Bre said "thank you" in their sweet sweet voices she said " Im speechless, you do good".....     :)
We also went to Chic Fil A today dressed as cows....why? because if you did you got a free meal....I MEAN FREE...and I MEAN MEAL....chicken sandwiches, fries and drinks!!!! and ice cream for the kids, all for FREE!!!!!  So El i and spent most of the afternoon making four cow'll love these pictures. I will upload them later. I am slowly catching up on pictures and videos. Sorry.

More pictures from our Alabama trip!!! All of these are from our overnight trip to the river with my family.

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