Friday, July 22, 2011

A Bre Bre Update

I just have to document all of the new things Bre is doing!!
She has found a new love for MILK (yay!!), oatmeal ( eats as much as I do!!), carrots with ranch dressing and fruit cocktail. She used to only eat bananas and apples but now eats it all!!!!
She loves to wear bows in her hair, the bigger the better I say!!!!  She can put her shoes away in her drawer without any help and when I ask her to take a toy to her bedroom she runs and throws it in her crib.
She repeats anything we say!!! She jumped too close to the ladder in the pool the other day and hit her face on the stairs....which caused instant swelling and bruising on her left cheek. I retold the story to Adam saying "jumped, boo-boo, and ice" really loud since she knows those words. She has been telling everyone now" no-no jump", "boo-boo" (as she points to her cheek), then "ice" and "shirt" since we wrapped the ice in Eli's shirt before putting it on her dog, she can tell a story!!
We went to eat at a chinese place for our anniversary and she had opened her fortune cookie and was eating it without Adam or I noticing really. UNTIL, we heard her yell " EWWWWWWWW" as she began to see some of the fortune paper sticking out of the cookie. She put the cookie down and kept saying " ewww" until Adam pulled it out! We were cracking up!!!
She also loves to give kisses now..If Adam gives me a kiss she immediately sticks her lips out and says " daddy". She also kisses all boo-boos. I cut my finger on a can lid the other day and after I put a band-aid on it, she grabbed my hand, observed the band-aid, said " boo boo" and kissed it. Then Eli told me " well mom, I guess you learned your lesson, you should have used a can opener"......thanks.

                                             Such a big girl, she loves going to the Splash Pad!!

Not scared of water at all!!!

                                         Her new life jacket and a bow in her oh so curly hair!!!

Well, does anyone not know what this child is thinking? This picture cracks me up!!!

Do you see her ketchup unibrow? She is also yelling at the cat to get " DOWN" and pointing for me to look!

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