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Saturday, March 3, 2012

The rumors are true...

I will attempt to make a very long, miserable and yet AMAZING story short.

We are about to become a family of 5.

Ribbit and Goober's mom gave birth 7 days ago to a baby boy and drugs were found in both of their systems. She was also sent to jail for charges in both that city and will face charges in another one. CPS found us in the system and called our agency. Our agency knew we wanted more kids, and that we wanted THIS child so they called us first thing yesterday morning.
Our immediate response was yes. We have actually turned down another child recently because we didn't have a peace about his situation and we were hoping to get another child from Ribbit and Goobers family (turns out he was already adopted by a family in Dallas-praise Jesus!).
Rights have not been terminated yet and she is requesting visitation with him. Regardless both CPS and the child's attorney believe we have a good shot at becoming his forever parents due to her history and our current status. We will fight for him because we a)love our kids and want them to know their siblings (as many of them as we can) b) we don't want him to experience any of what Ribbit and Goober did and c) this is an answer to our prayers.
However, it will be a foster situation until things are more settled and after more court hearings. We could face heartbreak if a dad shows up or if a dads parents show up....we should know more after having him placed here for 14 days.

We aren't telling Ribbit and Goober that this is their brother just yet. We will but we want to do it right and we want to make Goober feel as comfortable as possible. He is excited to get a brother but this opens up doors that we were hoping to close. We dont' want him to get attached and then things fall through and he is once again torn away from family. We also don't want to lie to him and cause more heartache and confusion in the end.

We covet your prayers right now. We are about to leave to go to an 8 hour class on how to deal with behavioral medications and to fill out tons of paperwork for our agency and CPS. We are also having to clean, paint and baby proof our new home since we have a home study on Monday morning at 9. We have to pass at that time so that the approval can be written up, approved and to the court before the hearing on Thursday. We will be traveling 2 hours away to get him from either the hospital or an infant foster home. Please pray for his health and that there won't be any long term side effects from the drugs.

Just in the last 24 hours we have been blessed by our christian brothers and sisters and already have everything we need for an infant (we think :)), have a crew coming over on Sunday to help us get our house together (we are in the middle of a kitchen remodel) and a meal system worked out for when we get back.

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