Sunday, March 11, 2012

First full day as family of 5

Today was exceptionally good..probably because the grandparents showed up at 7 am....yup they drove in from Alabama all night.....good people!
Izzy woke up for 3 feedings and then let us know that he had two awful diapers last night..other then that pretty good sleeping. I took on last night and Adam let me get a 2 hour nap this afternoon so we are good to go. He has been a pretty easy baby..he only cries if he is getting hungry or needs a diaper change. Today we went through 2 outfits and daddy got sprayed twice...i have dodged the pee both times :).
Goober and Ribbit have kissed him, danced for him, sang to him, held him and yes, ignored him during today :). Goober had his last basketball game of the season this morning and so we all loaded up the van and went. Izzy slept through the whole game and only woke up to get a bottle as were leaving. Goober got 5 baskets, an all time high and even dove for the ball to knock it back in the court....he had lots of screaming fans :).
We are slowly getting down a routine...that is our second priority, making sure Izzy gets his meds and that he is detoxing well is our main goal. I may feel different about this statement at 3 am tomorrow morning but I can sleep when I am dead :).
We are reading Baby Wise and What to Expect during the First Year. We are also asking tons of questions and taking lots of advise from friends with younguns so I think we are good to go. It sounds a little weird but it really does feel very natural to have him here and it feels like the most natural way to grow our family right now.

Here are some more pictures from today and some videos.
He wanted to hold him so bad all by himself before his basketball game this morning :)....he is the happiest big brother.
 Cheese....big sister got some holding time too!
 Kisses from everyone :)
 This is how big girl watched all of Goober's basketball game...and yes, my dad does have a black eye, from a car wreck he was in not too long ago..looks real though huh?
 At bedtime tonight, all snug and ready for bed...crazy hair man :)
 Yes these are a bit repetitive but holy moly she loves this card that someone gave us to celebrate Izzy's homecoming. She danced with it for about 30 minutes, and then she and I circled the living room dancing to it and then freezing when it was over for about another 45 minutes. Thanks Clouses for almost 2 hours of entertainment :)

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