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Thursday, March 8, 2012


Tomorrow is a big day...court. We will find out if this will be a long term foster or an adoption placement. It could change to adoption at any time but the mom still hasn't terminated rights. She also hasn't been to sentencing yet for the time she will serve. We will also find out if and when she may get a visitation...our minds are spinning.
Please pray for several things...
1. That we would be at peace with whatever decision is made tomorrow and that we would be able to move towards adoption quickly if that be the case.
2. For our children, we are going to tell them both tomorrow (after court) that this is their 1/2 more secrets, pray for wisdom and understanding. Pray that satan will NOT come in and steal their joy.
3. That Adam and I will know what to pray. A constant topic between he and I is that we have no clue how to pray for this mom. We pray for her salvation, we pray that she would be a good mother, but we also pray that we would get this baby....we pray for God's will but its hard to pray that knowing the emotional and physical toll it could have later on.
4. For his health, baby boy was released from hospital and is now at foster home, waiting to come here on Friday morning. He is off everything except one antibiotic and he is healthy.
5. For a good plan for the next 2 months of our lives until I have summer break....I have maternity leave but it doesn't cover these next 2 months and I dread getting a sub (teachers understand, right?).
6. For Adam as he finishes his master's degree over the next 6 weeks....with a newborn and 2 other kids and a part time job and a wife :).

Happy news...I just got back from a surprise baby shower. I thought I was going to my women's bible study and instead they totally shocked me. WE ARE lots of diapers, wipes, clothes, etc. but more important advice, laughter, support and offers to help us when he comes!

Ready to go with Mommy and Daddy to learn how to take care of baby brother...she LOVES wearing a back pack!!!
 See mommy, I have my lunchbox too?...i mean look at that face...melts my heart!!
 Mixing cookies for people coming to help us finish the kitchen before our home study.
 This is how Adam found Goober one night right after we had read to him and said good night..he was " thinking"...still in his football uniform from earlier that day :)

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