Saturday, March 10, 2012

13 months later

Things were so different this time around. We knew that our home would be full of people today, people that represented the birth mom, the baby, us and our agency. We knew that we would be overwhelmed and that it would be a different day than normal.
Just like last February we stood in our kitchen, the 4 of us this time, and waited for the baby. Goober couldn't wait to see him and the first thing he said was " he is soooo little". Ribbit yelled "hold you" the whole time and was at my feet. It was a very different mood, the childs rights aren't terminated and the man who actually removed him from his mom was the same man who brought him to us. We weren't told that in 6 months we would be his legal guardians, instead we filled out countless papers, asked a whole lot of questions since info was not give to us as easily or as directly this time. We also had to supervise two other children while doing this which means there was a time out and star wars involved. :)
In some areas it was a lot easier, he was happy but needed to be fed immediately. He didn't ask us lots of questions :) and we didn't have to convince him to come in. We had to keep reminding everyone in the home that our kiddos didn't know that this was their 1/2 brother.
They were here for 1.5 hours and then they left this 2 week old with us, very trusting I would say :). We all ate lunch while I bounced baby in his bouncer thingy. Goober screamed the whole time for mommy to hold her but when I did she would steal my food or attempt to show the baby something new (which would involved her leaning in to close to him and putting a blanket in his face :).
Then we explained the entire situation to Goober...he was in shock and kinda looked at us like he couldn't believe it. He ran to the baby and said " he doesn't have my skin color". We told him it would get darker with time. We told him that his mom did a good thing by letting their brother come live with us and he agreed. I think he will think through it later and have more questions. We are trying to get him into equine counseling with a friend of ours..a male, I think that will be awesome for little Goob.

I am writing the rest of this tonight since I was interrupted by a sweet 2 yr old who wanted me to sort candy land cards into colors with her and then a 7 year old who wanted mom to play some WII with him.
We gave Izzy (new code name) a bath (he hated it) rubbed him down with lotion and now he is swinging. He gets his detox meds in the 9 o'clock bottle and then we will try to start a good nightitme routine. We have already had one blow out and one pee up the fun!
We had two sets of visitors today and they came bearing gifts, both for Izzy and big brother and sister which i thought was exceptionally nice. Izzy even bought gifts for Goober and Ribbit as a way of saying thank you for being so nice to me....a godzilla puppet for Goob and a strawberry shortcake doll for Ribbit!

Here are some pictures from today...with a promise of many more to come!

First nap!
 He is a good little eater!
 Proud parents...thank Goober for the picture :)
 Daddy love
 Mommy's little helper
 God has been so good to us!
 Napping in the swing
 Right after bath out hair gets crazy


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