Thursday, March 15, 2012

good day

Today, Thursday has been a great day. We are finally getting down a good night routine..i say finally when we have only had little one for 6 days but still. Everyone is rested and happy. Ribbit went to school today, she needs interaction with friends and if she went a whole week without going Monday morning would be rough! Goober is having a day with just mom, dad and baby. Since baby sleeps so much he has had some time alone with both parents this morning and is now enjoying AirBud in the playroom by himself. Adam and I are feeding little one and entering grades (yay) and can hear him laughing out loud and running up the VCR to rewind it back to the funny parts. He does that with the movies he loves and he will watch the same scene over and over and stretch out a 1 hour movie into 2 hours :).
Adam and I have been pretty productive today, painting the last little bit of trim in the kitchen, visiting with guests, doing dishes and playing the kiddos. I even watched the Bachelor Finale while rocking Izzy to sleep....yay for multi tasking..sorta.

Here are some pictures over the last couple of days.

We aren't a huge fan of baths yet....hopefully soon though.
 He is so stinking strong, one of the effects of drugs on babies is that they have a lot of muscle tone already...i mean he can push the bottle away and he can hold his neck up already...our little superman!
 A little more calm...and so stinkin cute!..even with his dukes up :)
 Love from daddy and the heat lamp :)
 Big brother is always around to give kisses, and I do mean ALWAYS...i love that they are already bonding!
My mom's great grandmother made these aprons for me and my mom one christmas when I was little. My mom kept them and gave them to Ribbit and I during this visit....aren't we cute? (two days of no shower and no, cute is putting it nicely :)

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