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Sunday, March 18, 2012

brushing my teeth

I have a confession. It has been well into the afternoon before I have brushed my teeth, put on deodarant and/or washed my face...I haven't even noticed until people came over or until we were getting ready to leave the house. Oh well, Izzy, Goober and Ribbit don't mind :).

Izzy was fussy for about 3 hours last night...a first for him. After reading and doing everything else we could we are assuming its a 3 week old growth spurt and are just feeding him about every 2.5 hours instead of every 3. Today he was fussy unless I was holding him but eventually wore himself out and took a nice long mom a chance to write a lot of thank you notes and cut some coupons. My in laws are here and just like my parents are taking care of the big kids.

We started carrying Izzy in a sling far so good. Adam is so proud to hold his boy in the sling, even though one lady mistook it for a cast and thought Adam had broke his arm, and he walks proudly :). I was holding Ribbit and she looked back, saw Izzy wrapped in the sling and said " look baby Jesus".....sweet thang. I guess I she is paying attention during devotional time.

Ribbit calls Izzy "baby broder" and Goober is somewhat over him.....except for when mom has to constantly ask him to stop slamming doors and/or running crazy around him...then he remembers for a split second, long enough to give him kisses.

People are still graciously pouring into our family and we have received presents in the mail, on our porch when we return and from drop by visitors. We are so blessed and we hope that one day we can bless you all in return.

Here are some more pictures of the Harvell 5....woah, that still hasn't sunk in. Wait, it actually has. The other day we all went to Wal Mart together and as we were walking in Goober was skipping beside the shopping cart, Ribbit was holding my hand and dad was carrying Izzy in his car seat. I noticed one older lady looking at us as though she were saying " woah sister, I'm so sorry"....I think she could see the pure exhaustion in our faces :)....we do look a little crazy, marching into stores and taking yeah, maybe it has set in.

At his Upward Basketball Award proud of him! He came a long way this season.
 Thanks CC and Papaw for coming to awards night!!
 No, no one told Ribbit to do that....she is just in a phase where she likes to make silly faces.
 Hey there big man!
 super sweet!
 This has taken over our kitchen countertops, our nights, our days, our dishwasher, my purse, etc..

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