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Friday, March 30, 2012

Please pray for us

I would appreciate your prayers tomorrow from 8 to 3. Pray for my children, tomorrow has the potential to change things drastically for all 3 of them. Pray for my heart, that I would allow God to work, and be joyful regardless of the outcome. Adam and I covet your prayers....we are desperate for them. 

That is my facebook status for tomorrow and since I am way to stinkin tired and emotional to write out the big event I will copy over the email I sent my in-laws explaining everything.
Yesterday was a really rough day, CPS called and they have granted the mom a visit with Izzy next Friday (the 30th). They said that they are giving her a 2 hour visit since this may be her last one for a long time or ever. However, its rough letting someone else drive him 2 hours away, letting her see him and then having someone else drive him 2 hours back, especially just worrying about feedings and meds. They also told us that they aren't sure of this judge and there is a slight possibility that they could give her up to 6 months to get her life together after she serves her jail time. Minimum jail time would be 1 year so in my head I am thinking that there is a possibility that we would have to give up our 18 month old...which is awful. I don't hurt for myself as much as I hurt for Goob and Ribbit as that is their real brother and removing him 18 months from now would be awful for them. I made a lot of phone calls and I am trying to protest the visit since he is so young and since she is the reason he is on meds. 
We went ahead and told Goob what is going on next Friday (if we dont one of the 14 people who are in and out of our house will) and he started crying. At first he said he wanted to go see her. I said you can't because its really not the best thing for you. I explained to him that we are stuck with how to pray for his mom because if we pray that she gets her life together then we lose Izzy but if we pray that we keep Izzy then she continues to make bad choices. He kept crying but got really mad and said in a very rebellious mood " well I am mad because when Izzy is with her she will probably act like a good mom..but when they leave him there she will be a bad mom like she was with me". That right there is discernment that God gave him.....we would have never said that about his mom to him but he came to that conclusion on his own and has been on "our side" ever since. He is so smart for a boy his age and I think keeping his brother has become a priority for him. I have always prayed that God would keep us from being the "bad guys" in his mind, the ones who took him away from his mom.
Anyways, we will keep you updated as things happen. Our agency (bless them for dealing with me) is supposed to be finding some stuff out for us and advocating for Izzy). 
love you guys, Kinzie

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