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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Alive? yes Alert? no

I probably won't be posting as much until Izzy gets on a good schedule or decides to sleep for more than 2 hours at a time. I won't be posting as much until Ribbit decides that I can be her mommy along with Izzy and Goober's mommy without going into a holy tantrum. I won't be posting as much until Goober gets some more one on one time with mom and dad and stops crying during the day at school for me. And I definitely won't be posting as much until I get to see and spend more than 5 waking minutes alone with Adam....we actually brushed our teeth together today, at the same time, in the same was super romantic :).

Izzy is definitely healthy, eating regularly and has a good set of lungs. Adam is the best dad and when he has a hard time sleeping he walks him around and sings Jesus Loves Me to him. I held Izzy last night in one arm and held onto Ribbit in the other for about 2 hours last night...I kept thinking to myself that we have got to get a king size bed and that at any moment some sort of bodily fluid would be on me...nope leave that to Goober who vomited right before lunch today...:)

Izzy has helped me learn that I am indeed a girl who needs her sleep in order to be civil but has also made me value my parents more. I mean who in their right mind would have multiple children and go like 5 years without sleeping? :). A lot of times at night when I am trying to calm Izzy I think "he just needs a mommy" thats all. Is that really too much to ask? Adam is always talking about how innocent and helpless he is..its heartbreaking.

Im aware that I am rambling...I'll stop now.
Please pray for us as we have some hard roads ahead with judges, CPS and the birth mother requesting visitation. Goober and I have had some long rough cries lately...he is so wise and God has granted him discernment beyond his years but I pray that he will continue to view us as good people and not the bad guys who took him and his siblings away from their mom. Its rough on him and its hard for me to know that I am somewhat causing him this pain. We could have said No to Izzy but we felt like we were his only shot and that this would be a gift to Goober and Ribbit. We are trying to view it as not necessarily taking time away from them or love away from them but giving them more family that will be around longer than Adam and I will be...we are trying to make something sin turned into 1/2 siblings and make them whole through the adoption process and the love of Christ. Its emotionally exhausting and add that to the physical exhaustion equals lots of tears, forgotten lunches, late homework, lots of extra hugs, bad junk food and sometimes 2 movies back to back so mom and dad can get some sleep.

Here are some pictures that our friend took of us, I will post more later but Izzy is out and therefore I need to be too!!!

This says it all...a perfect portrait of our little 2 year old :)
 Brothers, bonded from the beginning...Goober is so excited to have more boys than girls in our family and says that Ribbit is "boy trapped"!

Besides the whole picking her nose thing, this is a great family picture....The Harvell 5!

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