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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Being the church

I'm just amazed at the moment.
The church is being the church to us right now, between our sunday school class and our school community our needs our being met without us even having to ask.
We saw this in a big way with our first adoption, we are in awe at how our school took care of us and generously gave to us. We are in a new church now and the way people are giving to us and supporting us you would think they would have known us for 4 years and not 4 months.
We have actually had to turn down multiples of stuff like bassinets, infant car seats, swings, etc.

Like I said in the earlier post, we have a team coming over tomorrow to help us finish the kitchen (countertops coming in soon), clean the house and help us get things ready for the baby. Its like our own little TEAM HARVELL!!!

Goober has already said some things today that have reminded me of his rough little past. He told us that he will let us know if he feels like he isn't getting enough attention when the baby comes. He also told us that he didn't want to spend the night with a friend last night because he missed us but was afraid we would get mad. (the dad of his friend said he cried last night for me in bed :( ). He said that he doesn't like to spend the night because he has had so many moms and dads, and once again we had the conversation about how permanent his home is with us. Adam talked about things that are permanent in the world and how those things will never change, neither will our love for him. We reminded him of how his birth certificate now states me as his mom, and even though that confuses him every time he needs to hear it. We told him that things will be quite different for a while but that he will still be our oldest, our first boy, the leader and most important the big brother to two!! He is already making a list of things he wants to do when his grandparents come for spring break because we told him that they are coming to give him and ribbit lots of attention!

Some funny things from Ribbit lately:

We were jumping on the trampoline and I reached up to grab her hand and the static shocked her face. She looked at me very sternly and said " mommy, don't shock my space on the jumpoline"!

She has an amazing memory..i mean amazing. I put on a jacket the other day and noticed some small toys in the pocket. I pulled out two plastic fish that she won at Chuck E Cheese around Christmas. She took them, pointed back to my jacket and said " i want silly face". I reached back in the pocket and sure enough I pulled out a "smiley face" eraser.....really?
We also went over to a home recently where we had gone to take pictures with Santa before the holidays. As we rang the doorbell she said " we gonna take pictures with santa?"....Adam and I were so impressed :)

Finally, Goober has made three A's in a row on his spelling test..we got him his own white board to practice on and he is getting good at the "rules" of phonics. Mom and Dad are also keeping their temper better too :).

Here are some pictures for you from Dad's birthday..pretty soon I will be posting pictures of the 5 of us !!!

Smiling during her breathing treatment with Mr. Panda

 Dragging daddy's birthday present to him, we didn't wrap it, this was last Saturday when we both were super sick.
 Dad's gift from Goober..he liked them because this is the underwear that the Harlem Globetrotters wear :)

Trying on Dad's gift from CC and Papa...overalls for Israel. Cute little thang. Cute big thang too :)

 Daddy Love for his Birthday!
 Ribbit had to try them on too!
 A little country jam session afterwards to break the overalls in!

 Im in love with this little guy. He came over to our bedroom Sunday morning and had already dressed himself. He put all this together and was soooo proud. I didn't have the heart to tell him that his pants were too short, his vest was getting tight and that his tie was about to fall off. So off to church we went, stylin and profilin!!!
Oh, he also posed on his own, ladies WATCH OUT!!!

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